DotSama noticeboard

As we see more and more content being made, events and hackathons being hosted it is getting harder to keep track of all the interesting things that are happening in the DotSama ecosystem.

The main source from where most of us get notified about these is social media platforms like Twitter. While these platforms can be good for sharing such things I believe that there is a better and more organized way of announcing events and promoting quality content.

I would like to propose that we could build a new parachain to achieve this goal.

Making a noticeboard parachain where people can share their content(i.e. the links to the content) and see what events/hackathons are going to take place in the future could make things more organized.

It may seem that having a parachain for this is overkill, but I think there is a reason why we may want this to be a separate parachain.

That reason is governance. I think the noticeboard should have a separate governance that will have the power to do things like remove some non-quality content or irrelevant things from the noticeboard.

I would like to hear some feedback on this and see whether there would be any interest in this.

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