Portal to parachains

Hi everyone, I would like to propose the idea of ​​integrating a portal where we could visit the official sites of all the parachains of the network. And maybe include the possibility of participating in future crowdloans. Ross Bulat has done a tremendous job, and the results show that there are currently over 106 active pools (live data thanks to Ross’s work and easy access to network staking data). The official Polkadot website has greatly improved both in terms of functionality and design. The gap between the official Ethereum site and that of Polkadot has become non-existent or at least greatly diminished. Thanks to the developers for their work.


thanks for the idea and I can confirm it’s something that the team will be working on in the future.

There are two ecosystem versions (that I know about)





Thanks for your replies, I know parachains.info, it is my reference site for information on parachains and crowdloans. The UX is good but the UI is not up to the experience offered by the official Polkadot website. I think it’s great that the official site has set the bar high by providing an awesome experience, it will encourage teams to provide an equivalent experience. Dotinsights offers a lot of information about the ecosystem while taking care of the design and it’s great. Talisman is for me the most ambitious project. The team provides background work to make the multichain experience as pleasant as possible. I saw that the team are in discussions with the community to use the treasury to develop a portal and improve the general experience, I fully support this proposal. I hope they look into governance soon as the lack of participation is slowing the growth of the network.