Decentralized Voices Cohort 2 - Oneblock+

I am the founder of Oneblock+, yaxun. I am an enthusiastic supporter and long-term holder of DOT, and actively participate in and contribute to the development of the Polkadot developer ecosystem. At the end of 2018, I founded the Oneblock+ developer community, which has now become a well-known Polkadot Chinese developer community in China and maintains good relationships with many Polkadot ecological project parties, developers, and contributors.Most of Polkadot developers in China learned and grew through the Oneblock+ community.

OneBlock+ Developer Community is the earliest and largest Chinese developer community of Polkadot.After five years of accumulation and precipitation, it has grown into a leading substrate & polkadot developer community in the industry. With a mature community ecosystem, we build a comprehensive growth path for developers by producing Substrate-related technical articles, organizing online and offline technical activities, offering a series of developer courses, and hosting the Polkadot Hackathon, continuously enabling developers to explore the Polkadot and Substrate ecosystems.

Since 2021,we has successfully applied for funds from the Polkadot Treasury 8 times doTreasury | Empower treasury with credit building (from Gov1 to OpenGov) and all work has been completed with high quality,If you’re not familiar with what Oneblock+ is doing, let’s review some data:

  1. The Substrate & Polkadot technical articles has been read by 200,000+ people across the entire network
  2. Online and offline events have cumulatively covered 12,000+ developers
  3. Substrate & Polkadot development courses have trained nearly 3,000 developers
  4. Oneblock+ has successfully held 6 Polkadot hackathons,and the Polkadot Hackathon competition has cultivated more than 300 start-up projects.

Why Oneblock+?

Oneblock+ is a long-term contributor and active member of the Polkadot community: Since 2019, Oneblock+ has been focusing on the construction of the Polkadot Asian developer community, training 3,000 Substrate developers and more than 300 projects to join the Polkadot ecosystem, and has gotten Polkadot Treasury funding 8 times, one of the few long-term contributors.

Oneblock+'s Deep Engagement in the Polkadot Developer Community:

  1. From 2019 to the present, Oneblock+ has published over 600 original and translated Polkadot-related technical articles, which have accumulated over 200,000 views.
  2. Oneblock+ has organized more than 100 online technical events such as AMAs, OfficeHours, and Workshops, which have garnered over 100,000 views in total.
  3. Oneblock+ has also hosted more than 20 offline technical exchange events in cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Xi’an, attracting over 5,000 developers.
  4. Furthermore, Oneblock+ has successfully conducted 13 Substrate & Polkadot introductory courses and 6 advanced courses, with the course videos garnering a total of 180,000 views and engaging over 3,000 developers.
  5. Additionally, Oneblock+ has successfully hosted 5 Polkadot Hackathons, incubating over 300 Polkadot and Substrate ecosystem startups.

The above-mentioned in-depth community participation and resource investment have given Oneblock+ a deep understanding of Polkadot’s technology and governance.And we’ve noticed a lack of representation from the Asian region within the Polkadot community, which has led to many users’ voices and concerns not being adequately communicated.

Joining the Decentralized Voices program provides us with a great opportunity to connect with teams and individuals from other regions who contribute to the Polkadot developer community. This will enable us to better exchange experiences and skills. Through this appointment, we hope to amplify and reflect the voices from all regions within the Polkadot ecosystem.

What types of proposals can Oneblock+ handle?

As an organization that has long-term contributed to developer community education and Polkadot support, Oneblock+ is good at and willing to review and comment on proposals related to community education, innovative and feasible projects, and projects that optimize the current ecological stability of Polkadot. Specifically, this may include the following:

  1. Support Maintenance and Upgrade Proposals: These are foundational for the network’s stability and security.
  2. Invest in Development Initiatives: Fostering innovation and improving network functionalities.
  3. Promote Educational and Multilingual Initiatives: These efforts are vital for broadening the ecosystem’s reach and fostering an inclusive community.

Governance philosophy

As we apply to join the second cohort of the Decentralized Voices (DV) program, we aim to bring our experience and commitment to fostering a sustainable and growing future for Polkadot.

Pragmatism and Flexibility
Our political philosophy is rooted in pragmatism. On-chain governance is an emergent field, distinct from traditional politics due to its dynamic and liquid nature. We believe in adapting to new insights and evolving the governance framework to best serve the community. As such, our decision-making is guided by concrete principles and historical lessons, ensuring a balanced and reasoned approach.Reject inefficient resource utilization and insist that every proposal must generate tangible returns for the Polkadot ecosystem.

Support for Mission-Driven Projects
We prioritize supporting projects that are deeply integrated into the Polkadot ecosystem. This approach ensures that our votes favor initiatives that contribute to the long-term growth and sustainability of the network. Each proposal is evaluated on a case-by-case basis, with a focus on its potential impact and alignment with the community’s goals.

Transparency is paramount. We publicly disclose our voting plans and rationales, ensuring the community understands the reasoning behind our decisions. We actively engage in discussions on different platforms, providing feedback and fostering dialogue on key issues. Moreover, we do not engage in any form of confidential agreements or NDAs, as we believe in open communication and the integrity of the governance process.

We prefer more specific and complete proposals, including the background of the proposal, the substantive results it can bring to Polkadot, detailed plans, OKRs, how to implement it, the required costs, etc.

In closing, allow me to share some personal thoughts. I firmly believe that every voice matters, and that all users should have the opportunity to advocate for their own interests. This is the very essence of the Decentralized Voices program - to amplify diverse perspectives and ensure no community is left unheard.
As the leading Polkadot developer community in China, Oneblock+ has been steadfastly contributing to the Polkadot ecosystem for over 5 years now. During this time, we have developed a deep understanding of the technology, governance, and community dynamics. However, we recognize that our focus on the Chinese market has at times limited our direct engagement with developers and users in other regions.
This is why we are so eager to join the Decentralized Voices program. It represents a invaluable opportunity to connect with teams and individuals from across the global Polkadot community. By sharing experiences, best practices, and insights, we can foster greater cross-cultural collaboration and ensure all voices - regardless of geographic origin - are adequately represented.
It is our sincere hope that through this appointment, Oneblock+ can serve as a bridge between the Chinese Polkadot community and our counterparts worldwide. Together, we can work to build an even more diverse, vibrant, and inclusive Polkadot ecosystem that empowers users in every corner of the globe.


The Asian DOT holders are currently not active in OpenGov. The emergence of DV in Asia could be the catalyst for their participation. I believe OneBlock+, as Asia’s largest Substrate education community, can guide and educate more Asian developers and holders to join Polkadot governance.

Therefore, I support and hope that OneBlock+ can become a new batch of DV to allow OpenGov to add more voices from Asia.


Happy to support Oneblock+ as I believe they will be able to provide a diversified opinion from an educator + community builder + developer points of view.


Oneblock+ has consistently committed to the development of the Polkadot ecosystem, establishing the largest Polkadot developer community in China and nurturing thousands of developers through technical articles, courses, and hackathons. Joining the Decentralized Voices program will enable Oneblock+ to better communicate with the global Polkadot community, share experiences, and promote cross-cultural collaboration. We look forward to using this opportunity to further enhance the diversity and inclusivity of the Polkadot ecosystem, ensuring that voices from all over the world are heard and supported.

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Dr Cao from AIWeb3 (Chinese community focusing on content creator and community building), we believe Asian voice should be heard and right now I don’t think the Asian users are active enough in the OpenGov, I would fully support OneBlock for the DV role, they have organized a lot of great events and they have a lot of builders for polkadot, we want to share our support

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thank you very much for your kind words! They mean a lot to me!

Your kind words and feedback mean so much to me! I’m truly grateful for your encouragement!

I’m deeply thankful for your endorsement!

I’m deeply grateful for Bryan’s recognition and encouragement. I hope the Oneblock+ community can continue to invite you as a guest speaker to share your insights on Polkadot technology in the future. :grinning:


I remember helping organize the first conference in Africa in 2023 where part of the event was having a hackathon.

Considering we have few developers that are proficient in building with Substrate from Africa. Oneblock+ was one of those few teams willing to take time to look into the hackathon program prepared by external developers the event organisers had got and advise what to improve on.

This is an example that even though their primary focus is in a specific location/region, their team member was able to extend their expertise and help to communities even beyond China. Trust me finding someone/team willing to help is not easy.

Fully support OneBlock+ :raised_hands:t4:

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OneBlock+ is a cohesive and diligent community focused on the Polkadot ecosystem. They offer excellent courses and course services, as well as online and offline events, competitions, and other activities. It is rare to find a developer community that is as serious, diligent, cohesive, and dedicated as OneBlock+.Through this appointment, OneBlock+ will undoubtedly amplify and reflect the voices from various regions within the Polkadot ecosystem.

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Thank you for your recognition and support

Your encouragement means a lot to me!

The lack of “Asian” representation in OpenGov politics is extremely disturbing. The DV candidate here basically got voted out by 5/7 DVs in #539

The comments from the W3F-selected DVs imply that despite a solid track record from Oneblock, bounties from trusted curators would be required. We voted AYE on the 539 (and support OneBlock) because we respect @lurpis and @xlc well-informed judgements (echoed above), but it felt detestable to need to do so to combat this.

We find labels like “Asian” or “American” or “Chinese” is detestable, but language boundaries are what they are.

The moment you have people not choosing to work in Polkadot because people conclude “this place is not for us”, Polkadot is in trouble. The “World Computer” becomes more of “the computer for a certain fraction of the world who have certain properties”. This has implications for the DV program itself, in trying to be “fair”, whatever that means.

I think the data says Polkadot is in trouble.


You make some very insightful points. I hope that the Polkadot ecosystem can better reflect the concepts of inclusion, fairness, and openness, so that people from different backgrounds can feel a sense of belonging and identity. We look forward to Polkadot’s continued and healthy development and becoming a true “world computer”!

Christine from Tanssi here. I support Oneblock+ to be part of the new DV batch.

Oneblock+ has been an instrumental force in nurturing Polkadot’s growth in Asia, fostering a thriving community of builders and educating them extensively on Substrate. With over five years of dedicated contribution, they’ve empowered countless developers, organized impactful events, and supported numerous startups within the Polkadot ecosystem.

Bringing them into the Decentralized Voices program is a no-brainer. Let’s ensure diverse representation and global collaboration, with Oneblock+ leading the way to amplify voices from all corners of the Polkadot community

I believe that if Oneblock+ can join Decentralized Voices, we will definitely be able to inject more vitality and power into the development of Polkadot. Let us work together to achieve the diversification and globalization of the Polkadot ecosystem! Thank you again for your support!

I’m a big supporter of the OneBlock+ community, and a lot of developers have gotten into the Polkdot ecosystem because of it, and it’s helped a very large number of developers export their hands-on projects and have more professional growth!