Decentralized Futures: PolkadotKit for iOS, Android

PolkadotKit for iOS, Android - Device Native Light Client Wrappers

1.1 Overview

Implement Device Native light client packages for Apple and Android product platforms.

Current light client solutions require either third-party frameworks or a JavaScript runtime environment. The PolkadotKit project removes the need for this additional layer. This will make it easier for native mobile developers to create apps that operate in a trustless decentralized manner.

This will complete the currently missing first solution to embedding smoldot into a mobile application.

1.2 Details

Produce Swift and Kotlin packages, as well as the Rust scaffolding code and bindings needed to call into the smoldot Rust library.

This project will implement the code bounded by the purple box in the diagram above.

1.3 Ecosystem Fit

Where and how does your project fit into the ecosystem?

PolkadotKit eliminates reliance on a trusted intermediary as is currently the case with any Web3 mobile application that connects to a backend server.

1.4 Future Plans

Finsig will seek OpenGov treasury funding to build out complete Swift and Kotlin SDKs that utilize light clients and are based on metadata type generation for maintainability. The proposal that will be revised/revisited can be found here.

One example use case is an app embedded temporary wallet that can be used to onboard new users through App Store distribution channels.

This onboarding flow, for example, can be observed in Warpcast for iOS and Android apps – the option is presented to fund an initial account by way of In App Purchase.