Decentralized Futures: Polkadart

Hello guys,

In the past few months, with the help of W3F, we have built the Polkadart library. Right now, it consists of 9 dart packages constructed to provide native dart support for every Polkadot-based blockchain.

Recently, we applied for a new grant to support smart contracts/inks, which inspired us to apply for the Decentralized Future program.

We are very proud of what we built, but we also know we can improve it a lot to help beginner developers understand how the library works and the ecosystem.

According to the latest Stack Overflow Survey 2023, Flutter has already overtaken React Native as the most used framework. This means the Flutter ecosystem keeps growing in the mobile market, which is an excellent opportunity to attract more developers to the Polkadot ecosystem.

We are here to see what you guys think of the project and if you have any feedback or suggestions that can be applied to our library so we can help with more adoption into the ecosystem.

Best regards,