Decentralized Futures: Polkadot Education - A tool for enterprise onboarding


Polkadot Education will be a web app/mobile app tailored for enterprises and institutions. The app will have four initial modules, starting with the basics of Web3 and blockchain and progressing to a full understanding of Polkadot.

The learning journey begins the moment the user opens the app, where a profile will be created, and they will receive NFTs as they progress. Other parachain features will be integrated not only to help users understand the technology by using it but also to showcase what is possible in Polkadot using gamification. The app makes educational partnerships easier to manage and faster to grow results.

Ecosystem Fit

The Polkadot Education app not only provides comprehensive learning resources but also serves as a platform to facilitate deals and showcase exclusive Polkadot-only features, highlighting what sets Polkadot apart from other blockchains. This multifaceted app acts as a gateway for enterprise audiences, offering them the opportunity to train their employees and move faster with blockchain technology.

There is a growing interest among companies in understanding the advantages of blockchain technology and its potential applications in their businesses, but there’s also a plethora of blockchains and technology stacks to learn, this often leads to decision paralysis and significant spending, sometimes amounting to millions, on Proof of Concepts (PoCs) that may not yield fruitful results or effectively train employees. Polkadot.Education aims to address this gap by providing a user-friendly platform to showcase the capabilities of Polkadot and blockchain technology.

Some may compare our app with Polkadot Blockchain Academy or Polkadot School, but there are essential differences:

  • Polkadot Education has parachains/pallets features integrated into its core as part of the learning journey.

  • Polkadot Education is a learning tool for businesses interested in researching blockchain technology.

  • Polkadot Education is a tool for enterprise partnerships.

  • Polkadot Education is not an in-person course.

  • Polkadot Education is not an app for developers to learn Substrate/PolkadotSDK

  • There’s also the recently launched Cardano Academy, which is essentially the same as our product but tailored for an advanced level of education, delving deep into the technical specifications of blockchain.

Their product is available at:

Future Plans

Our first deal for Polkadot Education is planned. We have a MoU with a major enterprise for 1 year of use, and there are two more under review.

We plan on improving the UX based on real use and feedback, polishing the app for specific enterprise needs.

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