Decentralized Futures: Latam x APAC Community Management


This Ambassador Community Management proposal outlines a strategic initiative aimed at enhancing the involvement of existing ambassadors, expanding outreach, and improving community engagement. With this initiative, we aim to continue and develop structured and organized onboarding for individuals who want to contribute, educate on Polkadot’s technology, and be a proud representative of the ecosystem.

As mentioned in our proposal, during the term of our operations, we will also work to support regions that we are not fully covering, including Europe, North America and Africa. This support will be provided to Head Ambassadors, Senior Ambassadors and Ambassadors from the linked regions.

The Team: Communities Managers rooted in their regions

Ezio Rojas, LATAM Community Manager:

  • 5 years working in Web3
  • Formerly working at Parity as Community Manager for Latam
  • Cointelegraph, BeInCrypto
  • Organizes major events like Caracas Blockchain Week

Patricia Arro, APAC Community Manager:

  • 6 years in Blockchain Community Management
  • Formerly working at Parity as Community Manager for APAC
  • Bybit and
  • Expertise in local community activation, engagement and planning

Current Landscape

Since February 2024, there has been a significant gap in community management and ambassador growth responsibilities due to Parity’s decentralization. However, Ezio and Pat have remained actively involved, making efforts to contribute to the ecosystem alongside community members. Through ongoing engagement and local initiatives, Ezio and Pat make themselves always reachable to offer support, maintaining brand awareness in their respective regions and expanding communities through partnerships with local web3 enthusiasts.


Since 2019, the Polkadot Ambassador Program has been the gateway for people to join the network. It welcomes individuals from all backgrounds, like developers, tech experts, crypto fans, marketers, and more, and turns them into skilled Polkadot Ambassadors. Today, the program has over 2000 members from 50 countries worldwide. It has organized global meetups, helped people get hired by renowned organizations like Parity Technologies, and brought together teams to launch successful parachains. Despite its achievements, the program has faced challenges and flaws, which concerned Ambassadors and community members have brought to our attention.

There are some specific downsides to the previous program, but here are the main issues we’ve identified:

  • Unclear Program Direction:

The Polkadot Ambassador Program hasn’t evolved much since it started. It needs to become a stronger foundation for growing and expanding the ecosystem.

  • Structural Ambiguity:

The program’s structure and goals are unclear, making it difficult for ambassadors to understand their role and impact.

  • Lack of Quality Ambassadors Due to Inadequate Education:

Some ambassadors are seen as “low-quality,” “uneducated,” or “misinformed.” This harms the network’s reputation and advocacy efforts. Ambassadors need more education about Polkadot’s technology, governance, and projects. This would help improve the quality of their advocacy.

  • Insufficient Track & Topic Guidance:

Ambassadors aren’t given enough guidance on what topics to cover in their regions. This means they miss chances to educate the community about important events or campaigns.

The Solution

Through improved onboarding processes, regular monthly call updates, and synchronized local involvement initiatives, we aim to create a more coordinated and informed network of ambassadors.

A key aspect of this proposal is the promotion process from candidate to official ambassador status. To qualify for promotion, individuals will need to demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of Polkadot, its technology, and ecosystem dynamics, as well as active involvement in their local communities. Ezio, Pat, along with head ambassadors and other ecosystem representatives, will conduct thorough examinations to assess candidates’ knowledge and eligibility for official ambassador status.

We also understand the situation of uncertainty and chaos in which the Polkadot community has been left in the midst of the decentralization process, where the need for leadership and management within the Polkadot community ecosystem has become evident. It is precisely in the midst of this situation that our experience and knowledge of community management becomes relevant, so as not to lose what has been built over the years within the Polkadot community.

By implementing these measures, we anticipate greater clarity and cohesion within the ambassador community, empowering ambassadors to effectively represent Polkadot and contribute meaningfully to its growth and development.

What do we want to do differently?

Here’s how we can work for improve the Polkadot Ambassador program:

  1. Redefining Our Purpose:
  • Once approval is obtained, we will embark on a comprehensive review to redefine the mission and vision of the program together with the Head Ambassadors who are elected by the community in the new On-chain Ambassador Program. This will ensure clarity of our direction and foster a dynamic and adaptable program.
  1. Onboarding the Right People:
  • Stronger Onboard system: We’ll establish a rigorous and transparent onboard process that aligns with the program’s revamped goals.
  • Focus on Values: Our selection will prioritize individuals who embody the program’s objectives and demonstrate genuine passion for Polkadot.
  1. Rewarding Effective Contribution:
  • We’ll develop a fresh incentivization structure that effectively rewards contributions that align with the program’s new direction. Ideas like regional Bounties or other programs will be incentivized between the ambassadors.
  1. Being next to the ambassadors:
  • We won’t work in an echo chamber. Regular surveys and community meetings will be our way of staying in tune with ambassadors’ needs. This feedback loop allows us to address issues quickly and push together the program moving in the right direction.
  1. Empowering the On-Chain Collective:

· We will be there to support the On-Chain Ambassador Collective, ensuring that they receive adequate preparation and education to properly perform their functions.

  1. Promoters of ambassadors’ initiatives
  • We’ll emphasize a commitment to actively participating and promoting in network proposals and initiatives of the ambassadors in OpenGov. This fosters transparency and ensures ambassador voices are heard.

By implementing these changes, we can transform the Polkadot Ambassador program into a dynamic force that fuels community growth and drives the success of the Polkadot ecosystem.

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