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Welcome to the Ambassador Category! Please use this space to discuss anything and everything related to the Polkadot Ambassador Programme.

To keep all discussions surrounding the programme tidy, ensuring nothing goes under the radar, any topics created that discuss the Ambassador Programme should reside here.


Hello fellow Ambassadors and future Ambassadors! :dizzy:


Hi everyone, nice we got the ambassador category on the forum :clap: :clap:

Cool!! I’m very happy!!

Yeah ! :green_heart:

Thanks for this @Remy_Parity !

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I have been highlighting Polkadot since 2021, having been in the ecosystem since 2015. I will meditate on the idea of becoming an ambassador. On my side, with other members in the French territory, we are going to start a media named 300DOT.

In France, unfortunately, there is a severe lack of engagement, and I constantly observe a lack of knowledge and awareness of what our ecosystem offers. But this must and will change. :fire::heart:

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Hello to all the ambassadors and future ambassadors

Hello guys! Very excited about the new program

Thank you @Birdo & @Remy_Parity for initiating this new category for all Polkadot Ambassadors.

If you are interested in a summary of the current state of the new Ambassador program as on-chain collective on Polkadot, I wrote a thread on X here: https://x.com/zoemcfox/status/1777482219415633970

Looking forward to using this forum here and our upcoming online event (tba) on Polkadot#s official X account to update the community and clarify any open questions.


Finally an update, I’m super excited!

Cool super excited with the new developments, looking forward to a more successful the program

Great to have found here. I’m kind of new to Polkadot now I’m looking forward to getting involved through this ambassador program

Hello Zoe, I recently discovered the new ambassador program, and I’m eager to join in. While I’m not entirely new to Polkadot, this is my first attempt to get actively involved, and I believe the ambassador program is the perfect avenue for me to do so. I think starting at the candidate and ambassador level would be ideal for me, allowing me to learn and grow along the way.

However, I’m unsure about where to begin. Could you please guide me on how to get started?