Decentralized Futures: GreenVerse - Daily challenges for sustainable living

GreenVerse is an innovative platform that combines daily activities with sustainability, empowering users to take tangible actions towards a greener future. By offering diverse eco-friendly challenges, a rewarding point system, and a vibrant community of like-minded individuals, GreenVerse makes it rewarding for users to adopt sustainable habits and celebrate their environmental achievements. With impact tracking features and strategic partnerships with environmental organizations and eco-conscious brands, GreenVerse provides users with the tools and support they need to make a real difference in the world.

Our team is deeply passionate about this project due to our co-founders’ extensive background in both the renewable energy sector and Web3 technologies. With a wealth of experience in renewable energy and a deep understanding of the potential of Web3, we recognize the transformative power of combining these realms and also we are uniquely positioned to drive meaningful change in sustainability engagement.

Project Details

GreenVerse introduces a new business model where collaboration with brands committed to genuine environmental impact drives user engagement through token incentives, a pioneering approach in the sustainability realm. By partnering with brands aligned with our mission, we offer users tangible rewards in the form of tokens for eco-friendly actions, setting a new standard for incentivizing environmental stewardship. This model not only fosters meaningful partnerships but also empowers users to make a real difference while earning rewards.

We decide to construct our blockchain using Substrate due to its adaptable and modular design, which aligns perfectly with the requirements of the GreenVerse blockchain. Specifically, in terms of on-chain logic design and module interactions, we believe Substrate offers the ideal solution for implementing the entire protocol. Furthermore, integrating Polkadot wallets into our mobile apps is essential, and we’re pleased to find existing solutions available, sparing us the effort of building everything from the ground up.


Our objective is to construct a Substrate-based blockchain to record and manage all users’ environmentally friendly activities. Additionally, we aim to generate on-chain proof and certificates for brands demonstrating their contributions to the green revolution, quantified by precise CO2 reduction amounts and the number of participants involved.

Mobile Apps

The GreenVerse mobile apps serve as the primary interface for end users to engage with our blockchain, allowing them to claim rewards upon completing challenges and tasks. By enabling users to install and utilize our mobile apps, we are able to access their daily activities by using native SDKs of Apple Health or Google Health Connect. Users can easily aggregate their daily activities and send them to our blockchain when they take part in challenges. Once we’ve verified users are eligible for rewards, they can claim their corresponding incentives directly through the app.

Our roadmap includes expanding support for a variety of environmentally friendly activities, such as opting for paper bags and packages over plastic ones, and utilizing electric vehicles and e-scooters. We’re exploring innovative methods, including AI and bar/QR code recognition, to validate users’ activities. Additionally, we will collaborate with e-bike and e-scooter sharing platforms to verify eco-friendly trips. Expect to see more exciting features and initiatives integrated into our apps shortly.

Ecosystem Fit

GreenVerse will be built on Substrate and later plan to onboard Polkadot/Kusama parachain. As a sustainable action platform, GreenVerse leverages the interoperability and scalability features of Substrate and the Polkadot ecosystem to allow existing users and projects to interact and collaborate with us easily.

Target audience:

  • Eco-conscious individual users in Polkadot ecosystem
  • Polkadot native projects and Web2 brands who cares about sustainability
  • Environmental organizations
  • 3rd party green data providers

For eco-conscious users, there is a significant need for encouragement to maintain green actions as part of their daily routine. GreenVerse provides incentives and rewards to motivate users and reinforce sustainable behaviors, turning eco-friendly practices into engaging and rewarding experiences. For brands, there is a lack of effective means to incentivize individuals to adopt green behaviors and showcase their environmental initiatives. GreenVerse offers brands a platform to promote their green ambitions, engage with a community of environmentally conscious consumers, and integrate web3 technology into their sustainability efforts, providing a novel and impactful way to drive positive change.

There has so far been no similar project found within the Polkadot ecosystem. One project in other eco-system that shares similarities is StepN, which incentivizes users to adopt healthy lifestyle habits through challenges and rewards. While StepN focuses on physical activity and health, GreenVerse distinguishes itself by addressing environmental sustainability specifically. GreenVerse gamifies eco-friendly behaviors and engages users in environmental conservation efforts through partnerships with brands, organizations, and community-driven initiatives.


Do you prefer to define yourself as a network or a virtual community?
If neither, what definition do you prefer?

Hey @Heraldverse , thanks for your reply. We position ourselves as a network because we will build a blockchain network. By establishing a customized blockchain network, we can provide many customized services to our users and brands.

Hi Yvonne. Thanks for this proposal, and well done for considering the Polkadot SDK (Substrate) for your network.

My only concern is the incentives for users. While your website states that GVN can be redeemed for “eco-friendly products, charitable donations, and exclusive experiences”, my question is: Will that be enough?

As we’ve with StepN, their usage dropped dramatically when users realised there wasn’t much else their rewards could be redeemed for.

So, if anything, this is an encouragement for your consideration: Please ensure that there is enough incentive to keep users engaged, and consistently so! IE. Keep them coming back to use the platform, and even, keep them so engaged that they tell their friends about it. One such way is your “exclusive experiences”, that could be a key avenue for incentivization as long as you can structure it sustainably and consistently.

Good luck!

Hi James. Your concern is valid, and I appreciate you bringing it up. We’ve also contemplated this issue, and we believe it underscores precisely how we distinguish ourselves from StepN.

Right from the start, we’ve been committed to expanding our reward offerings to encompass a diverse range of options tailored to different user preferences. We’re well aware of the challenges faced by StepN due to its unsustainable business model. In contrast, we’ve embraced a partnership model with eco-conscious brands. These brands will supply credits, exclusive packages, and incentives to ensure our users have a wide array of choices and compelling reasons to remain engaged with our platform.

We’re open to any further suggestions you may have regarding appealing incentives, and we’re happy to take them into consideration as we continue to develop our partnerships.