Cross-Chain NFT Think Tank


Hi everyone, I am Charu from Unique Network. A quick recap on the motivation behind the NFT XCM proposal - it is rooted in Polkadot’s core value proposition—facilitating interchain communication and transfers for all assets. While XCM has effectively enabled this for fungible tokens, the XCM for NFTs remains largely unexplored.

As we continue to deliver on the milestones of the NFT XCM proposal - there is one missing link which is important for NFT XCM to have meaningful outcomes - Use cases need to be designed and delivered across different parachains that showcase the power of interoperable NFT parachians in the Polkadot Ecosystem

This is why we want to launch a “Cross-Chain NFTs Think Tank”.

The Cross-Chain NFTs Think Tank aims to establish Polkadot as the leading ecosystem for interoperable NFTs by researching, identifying, conceptualising, and designing delivery plans for multiple cross-chain NFT use cases.

KEY PRIORITIES include proactive outreach to interested parachains, collaboration and partnerships, and effective communication strategies to position Polkadot as the hub for cross-chain NFT expertise.

KEY PROGRAMS: We will conduct Cross-Chain NFT Think Tank Workshops/discussions at Polkadot events, focusing on presentations, brainstorming sessions, gathering feedback and challenges and collaboration opportunities among developers and parachain founders. Additionally, outcomes of each workshop will be published, highlighting use cases, requirements, challenges, and necessary ecosystem support. Workshops at industry events like Consensus and NFT NYC are of strategic importance, although requiring additional funding, planning, and support beyond the NFT XCM proposal’s scope.

EARLY USE CASES: We have been in discussions with with the Acala and Zeitgeist teams for a few days to explore two use cases and have drafted an early approach to defining these use cases:

Approach to a Use Case

  • Define a high level business objective

    • Why are NFT Transfers Needed OR
    • What is the desired outcome
  • Identify the Type Of Use Case

    • NFT Transfers (uni/bi directional)
  • Define The Functional Requirements

    • NFT Issuance and representation
    • NFT Attribute Management (Any change in properties needed? If Yes,
    • Gas Fee considerations - Which tokens can be used or needed to be used
  • UI/UX requirements

    • Users interact with NFTs on destination chain and/or chain of origination
    • Functionality that needs to be enabled for end users

Unique Network team is participating in Sub0 represented by Daniel Shiposha and Charu Sethi . We will be introducing the Cross-Chain NFTs Think Tank there and also discuss some early use cases.
We would love for you to attend the sessions, and contact us if you have an interest in Cross-Chain NFTs.
Looking forward to your comments, suggestions and questions


NFT have lots of potentials and we need to have lot more collaborations to be able to unlock those potentials. Very happy to see this initiative and looking forwards for what can we build together :fire:


Thanks Bryan - looking forward to hearing your ideas on this at Sub0 today!

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This is a great initiative!

The potential for NFT interoperability within the Polkadot ecosystem is immense. It presents a unique opportunity to pioneer novel use cases. There are three examples I think could be interesting to explore:

  • NFTs for Voting History Across Parachains: An NFT that is a dynamic record of a user’s governance participation across different parachains and the Polkadot main chain. This would incentivize active governance and foster a sense of community and responsibility.

  • NFTs for Ambassador Program Achievements: An NFT as a digital “report card” dynamically updated to reflect an ambassador’s contributions and achievements. This would be very helpful for people who are ambassadors for different parachains. It could be a powerful tool for ambassadors to showcase their value and potentially assist in community management roles or similar opportunities.

  • NFTs as Profiles for Gamers across parachains: An NFT aggregating a gamer’s achievements, assets, and progress across various games on different parachains. This unified profile could enhance the gaming experience, providing a comprehensive view of a player’s journey and accomplishments.

There are a lot of other possibilities. Looking forward to seeing all the great potential use cases that will come out of this initiative!