Content creators rewarding

Hello Polkadot Community,
For a while the community has noticed that monstrous rewards are requested by influencers or content creators.
Personally I share this opinion and find the amounts requested exhorbitant.
I therefore propose appropriate governance for this specific case.
The proposition is as follows:
create charts precisely setting the remuneration for work carried out. A max fixed part per type of job (technical popularization video, article in web3 journal, etc.) and a variable part indexed on elements such as the number of views, the notoriety of the person, a rating given by the community on the work ,…). So that all rewards are known by everyone before the begining of the work.
I think this proposition is fair and no surprise.
So that community decides on fix rewards (example an evaluation 8/10 give 80% of the fixed rewards) quality evaluation and for the variable (depends number of view fot example)
What do you think about that proposition?

Thanks, have a nice day and Go Polkadot G0

Posts on the Polkadot Forum are not proposals–if you’d like to make a proposal, you will need to use OpenGov and issue the proposal on-chain, since Polkadot is governed by the community via on-chain governance.

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Ok but here i want to discuss about the proposal.
After i will propose it if it seems good


Are these things you are able to do? Or are you asking someone else to do them?

I can build the abacus and the process with description of all activities but i’m not a dev, i’m a project director. So if community is interesting i can work on the need expression and specifications.

I honestly think that as far as content creators are concerned, Giotto’s telegram chat is the one that could have made the most progress at the moment!