Collating fun/interesting/novel things to build here

Developers are attracted to solving problems. They like challenges. Amidst the busy world of blockchain development, it’s often hard to have a clear picture on what unique problems can be solved in a given ecosystem. Especially for new comers in the Polkadot ecosystem, yet we have a bedrock of technologies to innovate with (including Polkadot, Substrate and existing parachains).

I would like this post to be a place to share ideas for fun problems to be worked on here. Or interesting things to experiment with that can only be built on Polkadot. Or novel things that experienced parachain developers would like to see built. Items in this post could potentially be used as sources for hackathon challenges, tutorials or even discussed in Twitter spaces.

So, please share your ideas and explain why they’re interesting and unique to Polkadot. :slight_smile:

I’ll kick this post off with some examples I’ve come across that showcase the type of things I hope to see in this post:


hey - alternative funding models / economic games to crowdloans for bootstrapping parachain chains see An XCM3 experiment - Kusama treasury account taking stake in the Kabocha parachain

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