CLASHDOT: Quest-and-Earn on the Polkadot Network - Where Native Polkadot's Journey Begins for the Masses

Current State and Targets

As Polkadot 2.0 evolves, it is transitioning towards a structure with independent cores, focusing on the relay chain, common good cores, pallets, and so on. This shift allows applications to launch “directly” on Polkadot, bypassing the parachain concept. This evolution calls for improved tools and strategies for launching new applications within the ecosystem, particularly those that facilitate end-user-application matching and asset on the asset hub (or cores) utilization.


The Polkadot ecosystem is a tapestry of independent blockchains, each with its unique applications and tools. However, a significant gap exists on the “Mainnet” (relay chain + pallets + common good cores), where many engagement and activity creation tools common in Web3 are absent. Notably missing are quest-to-earn educational platforms, which allow users to engage in structured tasks and earn rewards. These platforms, popular in Web3 and boasting millions of users, are conspicuously absent on Polkadot’s “mainnet”.


Introducing an educational quest platform within Polkadot, designed to leverage its unique features such as independent cores, blockspace pallets, XCM, and wallets, will markedly boost user engagement and education. This platform will act as a central hub for learning, skill development, and practical application, thereby fortifying the Polkadot ecosystem.

Solution: CLASHDOT

CLASHDOT is envisioned as a comprehensive, engaging, and educational platform, specifically tailored for the Polkadot ecosystem. It aims to make the onboarding process onto the Polkadot network interactive, enjoyable, and rewarding. As an application within the Polkadot system, CLASHDOT will enable anyone to create quests, define tasks, set KPIs, upload rewards, and achieve specific outcomes, all in a permissionless manner.

Architecture of CLASHDOT

CLASHDOT will boast a user-friendly interface, robust backend infrastructure, seamless dot-specific implementation, and an API layer for external connections. It will operate as a dual-sided marketplace with a quest constructor, featuring:

  • Main Page
  • User Space
    • Quest List
    • User Dashboard
    • Reward Tracking
    • Tips
  • Quest Manager Space
    • Quest Constructor
    • Best Use Cases
    • Quest Dashboard
    • Analytics
    • Integrations
    • Reward Payment Tools
    • Support
  • System Part and Support


  • Educational Quests and Tutorials: Centered around Polkadot technology.
  • Gamification and Rewards System: Incentives for completing quests and tutorials.
  • Skill Verification and Credentialing (Future): Authenticating acquired skills and knowledge.
  • Project Development and Support: Tools and resources for developing on Polkadot.
  • Educational Focus: A spectrum of educational content for all skill levels, promoting accessibility within the Polkadot ecosystem.

Benefits for the Ecosystem

  • For Polkadot: A catalyst for rapid community growth across new and existing ecosystem components (apps, dApps, tools, media, events, etc.).
  • Improved Project Launch Funnel: Streamlining the process of introducing new projects.

Use Cases (Examples)

  • Launching a new game with incentives for social media engagement and on-chain token onboarding.
  • Rewards for specific XCM transfers.
  • Quests utilizing block space.
  • Quizzes during events.
  • Marketing engagement.
  • Promotion of specific staking pools.


  • Conceptualization, design, and development of the core platform and modules.
  • Launch of a test-version web application.
  • Development of a full-fledged application.
  • Integration of skill tracking advice.
  • Introduction of NFT rewards.
  • Development of a mobile application.

Let’s collaborate! (yes, we will close to propose BINDMINT at the last summer)


I love this idea and was pitching needing a platform in the marketing chan. something that could be used to capture on chain activity.

probably too normie centric for many that don’t understand we need to do things to bring in users and show off how easy it is to do things inside of Polkadot vs on Eth