Calling all willing Polkadot technical educators!

Since its inception under the vision and leadership of Gavin Wood in 2022, the Academy has delivered multiple successful in-person programs across the globe. The Polkadot Blockchain Academy (PBA) has become an invaluable educational resource, and its success is owed in large part to the immense efforts of the PBA faculty - Instructors and Teaching Assistants. The faculty is responsible for crafting and refining the Academy’s core curriculum, delivering engaging lectures, creating and evaluating assignments, mentoring students, and providing strategic guidance to ensure the PBA remains at the forefront of blockchain education.

As PBA plans to expand its offerings in the online space, the team is seeking exceptional individuals to join as faculty members. As an Instructor or TA, you will be responsible for creating and refining the PBA’s core content, delivering lectures, designing and grading assignments, mentoring students, and advising on the PBA’s strategic direction.

We are looking for candidates with a deep understanding of the Polkadot ecosystem, a passion for teaching, and a commitment to excellence. If you possess these qualities and are ready to make a lasting impact, we encourage you to apply for this position immediately.

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