Building a Decentralized Workforce - Media and Data

Hello! We are building the next version of WagMedia, a tool that connects media-making talent with incentives that seek them.

There are several parachain and dapp treasuries participating already as well as the Kusama treasury via Directors driving content creation in guilds.

WMv3 will feature many useful tools to activate treasuries and communities across the network. But one of those tools is a public dashboard to track how incentives influence the narrative of media.

We are asking the community, regardless of expertise, what other data points you would be interested in seeing on this dashboard?

Thank you!


personally, it helps me to see an existing mockup to criticize it.

KPIs I am interested in:

  • reach per platform (broken up by organic and paid)
  • where is money flowing to
  • number of content pieces split up by category
  • spend per month & content piece
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Metrics around the reach of people outside the Polkadot ecosystem would be interesting.

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we may be able to do this with the help of Sama Systems :thinking:

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Curious about what Sama Systems is?

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It’s a map of twitter relations!

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Hey! Seems like an interesting product! Not sure if you are targeting all types of content creators or Twitter only for now?

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I think it is for more than content creators actually. It is not my project!

Pnin is using them to create a reputation system for Content Creators in WagMedia which WagMedia will leverage system wide.

Jobo created it!

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We’ll be starting with twitter integration but more in the future. What platforms would you like to see?

It would be great to track some metrics related to the underlying chain. Let’s say there is a really viral tweet for example it would be great to have a chart for wallet creations for example to see if there was an impact.

This of course ties in with another discussion in the forum.

Most basic chain metrics related to this effort:

  • Number of active wallets
  • New wallets

Might be a useful exercise for you to post all the data that each platform exposes. For example what kind of data does the twitter api provide? Then we could refine metrics based on what is available.

I would care about stuff like:

  • Geographical location of viewers
  • Viewer language
  • How long was the view
  • Were subtitles activated during view? What language? (for youtube)

Not sure if this is all possible though.


Nice thanks gabe. I think all of these ideas can be arrived at through iteration.

For on chain metrics I like the idea of audience members submitting an address where their liveliness can eventually be defined – maybe by the folks in that other discussion!

While this version of the WagTool will introduce contributor profiles, down the road audience profiles could be pretty powerful as well. :eyes:

Attached to those creator profiles can be whatever twitter metrics we can scrape. And we can introduce other platforms as we go.

The important thing is that this data is displayed relative to the creators own history and the state of all creators as a whole. The road to building an audience is full of highs and lows but long trends are important.

Thanks for the input!

The most important part of this whole convo is using treasury spend attempting to build large social media followings is a waste of spend.

If you want to do that, you need to play the clickbait game. You’re not. So it won’t work.

Focus on on-chain metrics, build native content and transition those with already pre-engaged audiences and followers into substrate - because its a much better deal for all of them…

Substrate at its core dissolves the boundaries between creators, fans and institutions.

The absolute focus for proposals has to be a primary focus on on-chain metrics.

Get ahead of the issues or these approaches will be obsolete in 12 months because they simply won’t continue to be funded…

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strawman :point_up_2:

rich coming from the guy who spams governance forums and group chats all day for attention.

go build something dude! and try starting small!

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