Bringing Blockchain to Everyday Life: Education, History and Cultural Preservation

Hello Dears!

We would like to share a project that is taking shape and aims to unite education, curation, and artistic and cultural preservation.

Our goal is to bring blockchain technology into people’s everyday lives, especially those who are not yet familiar with the cryptocurrency market, investments, or blockchain technology in general.

We are developing a web 3 portal that will be accessible to everyone, and users will be able to enjoy premium content and additional features through “NFT token gate authentication” in their wallets. In the future, we are planning to incorporate gamification elements focusing on educational content and crypto economics to make the experience even more engaging. This part is still a future plan in development.

For NFTs and marketplace, we will be using Moonbeam / Polkadot.

We would love to receive comments and suggestions about our idea. If you have any ideas or questions, please share them with us!

Community feedback will be crucial in helping us evaluate the technical and commercial viability of the project.

white Paper Biografia Preta

Thank you.