Blockchain and Public Education

Hi everyone,

I’m a public school special ed teacher and I’m very interested in the use of blockchain and education. Education is so centralized in the US and is failing our children. There are only a few curriculum publishers and most are based in Texas. The pandemic also decimated our nations test scores, which underlines the problems with our whole system.

As we move towards a “metaverse”/Augmented Reality future, we will need infrastructure and curriculum for teaching critical thinking and foundational academic skills. There is a new paradigm upon us and I want to help create it. I was homeschooled up until college and believe in the power of independent learning. Moving towards a skills mastery based system is where we need to go. There are so many potentials with NFT badges, learning games and composability between chains and wallets/IDs! Is there anyone in the Paraverse who is interested in this topic?


I havent come across a project that’s working on developing [quote=“Mshookamoto, post:1, topic:971”]
infrastructure and curriculum for teaching critical thinking and foundational academic skills.

However another good start to brainstrom about this idea could be trying to reach out to BillLaboon who is the head of education at Web3 Foundation.
He has done alot of educational content and programs specific for blockchain, web3, Polkadot.

I know we have the Polkadot Relayers program (developers & non technical entrepreneurs), and Polkadot Academy Polkadot Blockchain Academy | Become A Leading Blockchain Engineer (meant for developers to improve their understanding of code/blockchain/substrate) and also have you seen the EdX free courses by Web3 foundation one is an introduction to web3 and the other one is introduction to Polkadot?

Outside of the Polkadot ecosystem we have Punk6529 who partnered with University of Nicosia for a metaverse course and has tried to have some NFTs/metaverse class incorporated.
We also developer schools like Alchemy looking for devs and training them and also developerDAO.

So I do think it’s something that is going to grow and evolve!

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Wow thanks for the response! I will absolutely reach out to those folks. There is going to be a huge need for decentralized education because the current model is failing itself and the kids. So stoked to be part of this ecosystem!

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