Bringing a comprehensive web3 development automation lifecycle platform to Polkadot


We are planning to build a development automation platform for Polkadot developers. The goal is to streamline the entire development lifecycle, from code generation, testing, build, deployment, data and security, to enable developers to create transformative blockchain applications fast and in a cost efficient way.


We are motivated by the recognition of 2 significant challenges within the Polkadot development landscape.

  1. Building decentralized applications (dApps) on Polkadot requires someone to master substrate, which is one of the toughest blockchain programming languages. That’s the highest barrier to a faster adoption of Polkadot by experienced web3 developers, let alone developers new to blockchain development.
  2. The process of developing a dApp, once a developer has learned substrate, is still characterized by inherent friction, length of time, and high cost. The majority of the time of the developer is spent writing code that is structured, boilerplate, does not leave room for creativity and has low value to end users.

Besides empowering the Polkadot developer community with a way to boost productivity and lower cost of development, we’d like to enable non-web3 developers to leverage blockchain technology to complement their existing stack, essentially bridging web2 and web3. The mission is to provide integrated automation solutions that cater to the needs of, and is accessible with minimal investment by, any developer. By facilitating a seamless transition between web2 and web3, we aim to tap into a vast developer pool that encompasses ~30 million developers today.

Our Proposition

We plan to offer a solution that automates the entire development lifecycle, from coding, testing, securing, tracking and deploying blockchain applications. Harnessing AI selectively, our platform will generate production-ready code within seconds, incorporating built-in security checks. We will provide integrations with key complementary prominent services within the Polkadot network.

Our interface will mirror well-known web2 applications, a developer will have the ability to express what they are building quickly and leverage the automation capabilities of the platform for each step of the development lifecycle development: code generation, testing, security, deployment, data. We will also provide ready integration to infrastructure partners, wallets and other complementary services.


Our platform is poised to redefine the landscape of blockchain development:

  1. Easy Onboarding: we will offer a web-based VS Code-based IDE with a pre-configured environment, simplifying onboarding for developers.

  2. Streamlined Development: Developers will be able to rapidly generate production-ready code, significantly reducing the time and effort required to build decentralized applications.

  3. Enhanced Security: Our platform will come with built-in security checks, ensuring that the generated code adheres to best practices, mitigating certain potential vulnerabilities.

  4. Comprehensive Automation: we plan to extend beyond code generation, automating the entire development lifecycle, covering aspects like testing, deployment, and data management.

  5. Market Inclusivity: By targeting the entire developer community, we will address the high barrier to blockchain adoption by mainstream developers, fostering inclusivity in the ecosystem.

  6. Transition Seamlessness: our vision is to enable a smooth transition between web2 and web3, we foresee a unified developer pool of 30 million developers, creating an ecosystem that caters to both mainstream enterprises and blockchain enthusiasts.

  7. Strategic Partnership Integration: Our platform will strategically integrate with infrastructure, payment, security and educational companies, facilitating a broader reach and adoption within the developer community.

Through automation, we believe that we can significantly increase the accessibility of developing on Polkadot, reduce the cost of development and help unleash the next wave of innovation on the Polkadot blockchain.

Unique Insights About Users

Following immersive interactions with developers across various web3 communities and active participation in events like Consensus and Polkadot Pulse, our team has uncovered invaluable insights. The consensus is clear – the existing Polkadot community is vibrant and collaborative, but learning substrate is difficult, building on Polkadot is tough, and the developer community’s current growth is lagging relative to other blockchains. This makes launching our platform on Polkadot an ideal fit.

How does it work?

  • Accessible Development Options:

  • Web-based IDE with Preconfigured Environment:

    • Ideal for developers with little to no prior experience with Polkadot.
    • Offers a user-friendly interface resembling VS Code.
    • Preconfigured environment streamlines the onboarding process.
  • Downloadable CLI for Experienced Developers:

    • Tailored for developers with extensive Polkadot experience.
    • Provides a command-line interface for local development.
    • Offers flexibility for those accustomed to working in their local system.
  • Use-case Variety:

  • Vast Registry of Templates:

    • Diverse templates available to cater to different development scenarios.
    • Developers can choose a template that aligns with their project requirements.
  • Code Generation:

  • Describe Smart Contract Interfaces in Código Interface Description Language (CIDL):

    • Developers can either choose a template or describe their smart contract interface in CIDL.
    • CIDL serves as a language for specifying the interface details of the smart contract.
  • Rapid Code Generation:

    • Code generation process is quick (a few seconds), enabling developers to obtain production-ready code within seconds.
    • Speeds up the development lifecycle significantly.
  • Focus on high business value coding:

    • Developers only need to focus on adding their specific business logic to the generated code.
    • Simplifies the process of tailoring the application to meet unique project requirements.
  • Secure Deployment on Polkadot Network:

    • Streamlined deployment process ensures a secure launch on the Polkadot network.
    • Developers can bring their dApps to reality efficiently and securely.
  • Workflow

Competitive Landscape

Right now, there are no solutions that offer custom code generation on Polkadot. Our platform plans to stand out as a blockchain-focused development automation platform, offering production-ready code with built-in security checks. The differentiation lies in comprehensive automation covering coding, testing, deployment, security, and data throughout the development lifecycle, from code to deployment as opposed to traditional code libraries and SDKs.

Your initiative to develop a comprehensive web3 development automation platform for Polkadot is indeed promising and addresses significant challenges faced by developers in the ecosystem. The concept of streamlining the development lifecycle and making it more accessible to a broader audience is commendable. While I appreciate the potential benefits, I’d like to raise a few concerns for discussion and clarification.

You rightly point out that mastering substrate poses a high barrier for developers. However, could you provide more insights into how your platform aims to ease the development experience for newcomers to the Polkadot ecosystem? What specific features or tools do you have in place to make the transition smoother?

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Hi Brandon, actually the article lists the main functionalities that we are introducing (under how it works). The key question I think you are asking is how we are planning to build each functionality. The thorough answer to that question would be achieved over several dozen pages of documentation. Let me just say that we are planning to bring to the Polkadot ecosystem a combination of several development platforms that we have previously built on other blockchains and that have been adopted by a few thousand developers and generated several million lines of code. Our founding team has built and sold companies in the areas of blockchain infrastructure, AI and developer tools. I would be glad to chat with you about it directly if you are interested. My TG is JP_Marcos, feel free to reach-out and reference our exchange on the Forum. Best, JP.

As an experienced web2 developer, The challenges you’ve identified regarding mastering Substrate and the overall development process resonate deeply with many of us. Your approach to streamlining the development lifecycle, particularly with code generation and built-in security measures, is innovative and much-needed.

I’m particularly excited about the offering of a user-friendly web-based IDE, this developers of all skill levels can contribute to the ecosystem. I believe that by addressing the pain points of developers and providing a comprehensive automation solution, your platform has the potential to drive significant innovation within the Polkadot ecosystem.

I’m particularly excited about the potential for your platform to bridge the gap between web2 and web3, facilitating a seamless transition for developers and tapping into a broader developer pool. I eagerly anticipate the launch of your platform and its positive impact on Polkadot development.

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Thanks Joey appreciate your input and encouragements