BD - Polkadot's potential collaboration with Cryptopolitan

Hi guys. I’m participating here because I saw myself in the conversation.
Sorry @six that I have not been able to report to you specifically my activity in recent days, I’ve been working focused on the Hispanic community these days.

Regarding what is mentioned in this proposal, I believe without a doubt that we are seeing a MARKETING proposal, because it is entirely related to content. I recommend working with the Distractive team ( to have more clarity in this regard.

Regarding alliances, in the past I have been in charge of building particular and punctual alliances with media such as BeInCrypto, Cointelegraph, Criptotendencias. These alliances were made for publication of events, meetups and other meetings in Latin America and Spain.

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Hi All,

Based on the feedback, Cryptopolitan prepared the proposal for OpenGov discussion:

For reference, the following process is followed:

  1. Consultation with Polkadot Ambassadors (Done)
  2. Forum discussion (Concluded)
  3. Reviewing the feedback from the community and in case of mostly positive, prepare the proposal for OpenGov (Done)
  4. Polkadot Community/DOT holders vote and when it passes (likely), then decision is official from Polkadot (next step)
  5. Execution of plans (by Cryptopolitan)
  6. Review after execution (in this case, by Ambassadors)

Looking forward to seeing how it goes next!