ATR Network: A Multimodal Supercomputing Network for Decentralized Private Data Training

Dear Polkadot Community,
We would like to introduce to the community our ecosystem, the ATR Network.

The ATR Network has already achieved preliminary success in the field of financial quantization, integrating more than 10,000 multimodal models to create value continuously around the clock. At the same time, we will expand into more usage areas to form a new ecosystem and architecture. We welcome any examination and research of the ATR Network and are more than happy to answer any questions. In addition, we would be very grateful for any feedback you may have.

Overview of ATR Network:

Project Name: ATR Network

Team Name: ATR

**Project Overview :**sunny:


The ATR Network is at the heart of the digital revolution, where usable data is the new oil. We are not only participants but also pioneers. We are redefining the intersection of blockchain and artificial intelligence to create a supercomputing network for Web3AI.

The ATR Network efficiently utilizes AI multimodal technology, seamlessly integrating blockchain and AI privacy computing technology to build a system architecture that is transparent, secure, and high-performance. This system addresses the issues of privacy data training and data set sharing in the AI field, and provides a secure and private way to feed AI with learning and useful data vectors. It is acclaimed by the industry as the “Web3 AI” alchemist’s furnace.

Core Technologies:

The ATR Network is built on Substrate node with the following core technologies:
• General Time Series Model Services: Providing high-performance AI multimodal models for data analysis and data vector refinement.

• Privacy Protection Technology: Utilizing advanced Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) privacy technology to protect user data privacy while achieving efficient computation.

• DePIN Technology: Ensuring the secure sharing of distributed node synchronization and privacy heterogeneous data.

Project Advantages:

The advantages of the ATR Network are reflected in:
• Reshaping the Web3 Intelligent Application Ecosystem: Empowering intelligent applications in the fields of DeFi, NFT, and DAO.

• Building a Trustworthy and Efficient AI Market Mechanism: Establishing a decentralized, transparent AI service trading platform.

• Driving the Formulation of Web3 Data Economy Policies: Providing references for data rights confirmation, privacy protection, and value exchange.

• Gathering Global Web3+AI Innovative Forces: Attracting developers and researchers to jointly explore the deep integration of Web3 and AI.


The ATR Network is composed of experts and technology enthusiasts from various fields, including IoT, distributed technology, decentralized networks, control systems, artificial intelligence, finance, and regulatory compliance.

The ATR Network has already achieved preliminary success in the field of financial quantization, integrating nearly 10,000 multimodal models to continuously create value. At the same time, we will integrate into talent blockchain models, technology exchange models, aviation maintenance models, brand marketing models, and other areas, opening up integration ports to allow more institutions with production and operation to participate and improve the ecosystem.

Now, our team members are more passionate and committed than ever to solving some of the most urgent challenges at the intersection of blockchain and artificial intelligence.

Important Links

Participation Portal

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Please note that the ATR Network only supports the Polkadot ecosystem and will expand into the EVM ecosystem in the future to make the supercomputing network more prosperous. As we work on submitting a complete proposal, we hope to share detailed project information with the community. We would like to hear the community’s views on the ATR Network and look forward to all feedback, suggestions, and opinions. Thank you for your time.