Application for Bounty #17 Curator: [Chris Malize]

Name: Chris Malize

Region: Nigeria, Africa


I have a National Diploma (ND) in business studies and Higher National Diploma (HND) in business administration and management.

Political Philosophy:

Equal opportunity and a level playing ground for all to participate and utilize technology to proffer solutions to real world problems. Strong support for decentralization.

Why am a great fit for a curator role?

I have been in the Polkadot ecosystem for long now, I have a basic knowledge and understanding of the technology. I have also served as a subcurator for the event bounty, so i understand the community and know what they want. Most importantly, i know how to conduct myself in a professional manner with respect to human dignity.

How my involvement would lead to improvement in bounty #17:

Improved collaboration with other curators and the community to ensure timely review of proposals, execution and award of funds.

Constant communication and feedback to the community.

Decentralization and adequate representation of the Polkadot ecosystem globally: as someone with strong support for the actualization of decentralization in web3 space, i would ensure that Polkadot is represented around the globe starting from the local communities.

Achievement/Success within the Polkadot community:

During my tenure as Polkadot head ambassador Africa, I onboarded 50+ candidates and ambassadors into the ecosystem in collaboration with the community. These people are now helping to grow the ecosystem within my region. Four (4) of which are now members of the Polkadot Anti-Scam Team.

Thanks for your consideration.