Accelchain, the AI Web3 developer to build and deploy secure Web3 dapps

I’m Krishna Srinivasan, one of the co-founders of Accelchain Prior to Accelchain, we had built the industry’s first AI based autonomous testing platform using NLP, Machine Vision and transformers to ensure quality and reliability of Web2 applications. After getting acquired by Sauce Labs in 2021, we were introduced to the world of NFTs and Blockchain applications, where we immediately realized the need for powerful developer tooling in the Web3 ecosystem which did not exist. Having a combined experience of 30+ years building platforms for developer automation used by 2M+ users, we decided to bridge that gap by launching Accelchain.

Accelchain is a Gen AI based devops and security cloud platform to empower developers, founders and product managers to build, test, audit and deploy applications to the blockchain of their choice without writing code. Users can describe what they want to build in just a few words and the platform will generate the application, generate the test cases to validate the business logic of the app, autonomously audit it and the user can then deploy it to the blockchain in just a few clicks. Accelchain currently has support for the EVM ecosystem and we’ve received feedback from our users to add support for Polkadot. We strongly believe that Accelchain’s integration with Polkadot will be mutually beneficial to both the communities, which is a journey we’re looking to embark on.

We are working with 70+ top universities across Asia, US and Europe to onboard student developers to Accelchain and enable them to build Web3 applications rapidly and at a fraction of the cost. Attached are a few pictures from Accelchain workshops conducted at these universities. We’re also working with enterprises that are building blockchain based applications in the EVM ecosystem through our partnership with node providers such as Google. We are well on our way to meeting our target of ~20k users using the platform in 2024. We’re looking forward for the Polkadot community to join the Accelchain revolution and start building rich and creative apps to enhance the Polkadot ecosystem.