The future of Kusama

Hello everyone. What value will Kusama have after the introduction of CoreTime? If earlier it was possible to develop on Kusama if there was not enough money for Polkadot, now after the introduction of CoreTime there is no sense in Kusama, since the threshold for entering Polkadot is greatly reduced… Yes, we all know Kusama is an experimental test network, but many also want to see a clear future of Kusama and good projects on kusama board

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The cost of one para-block in Kusama would still be lower in Kusama. So while the barrier is getting lower, I don’t think the Kusama will be rendered “useless” just because of existence of agile coretime.


The value of Kusama has little to do with it being a ‘cheaper’ version of Polkadot.

It holds value on its own, being the relay chain for developers wishing to develop in a more experimental, fast moving, risk-tolerant ecosystem.


After most projects and Parity more and more detached from Kusama. There is a need for a new force of energy to lead the future of Kusama. I propose to form a group of agents to shape the future of Kusama in cooperation with the Kusama owners.

Kusama has its advantages, but is too dependent on Polkadot and the narrative of being a test network with real values. It will not arrive outside of Ecochamber. The narrative should be built separately with its own marketing, separate from Parity. Kusama Agents, I call you here to take action and build a new future for Kusama.

Perhaps drastic changes need to be made for the Canary to rise from its ashes and return stronger as a self-sustaining layer 0 slightly further from Polkadot’s large shadow.


I think that kusama exists to explore areas that Polkadot cannot reach due to some risks and unknowns. Things like technology, marketing, organizational structure, economic sustainability, narrative beliefs, and more. I prefer to call the kusama network a pioneer exploration network rather than a test network. Because the benefits brought by different exploration boundaries are currently immeasurable, high risks are also likely to bring high benefits. Perhaps exploring the blockchain with a larger boundary in Kusama will bring greater benefits. who knows which one history will choose.

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I agree with you, Kusama should leave the shadow of Polkadot. In terms of marketing, the Web3 foundation does nothing. No X leads, no telegram, dim discord. Do you really need so much money?it seems to me that the web3 foundation needs to decide what to do with Kusama in terms of business. Yes, we all understand that Kusama is a test network, but then there was no need to list on major exchanges, and if you declared it on major exchanges, do it in terms of business. I haven’t lost money, I have a great cp price for Kusama, I’m just worried about its future.

My 5 cents.

“Kusama and Polkadot” are a unique product in which we are able operate our business workflows. If one is missing it would be like having a half baked solution.
For instance we operate in a two-token model with a lot of products, some of these products would only exists in Kusama and never in Polkadot and of course the same for the Polkadot vs Kusama.

The real problem is the technology is far head of its tokenomics. When the tokenomics models reach a more wider understanding the discussion “The future of Kusama” will not make sense any more.

Feature Polkadot Kusama
Purpose Production network Canary network for Polkadot
Governance More conservative, slower changes More experimental, faster changes
Barrier to entry for parachains Higher Lower
Rewards for validators and stakers Lower Higher



While I acknowledge the inherent advantages of Kusama’s Layer 0, I am increasingly concerned about the level of ongoing support from its key team’s (Parity and Parachains) and affiliated institutions. Given that Parity seems to be shifting its focus on Polkadot, it’s crucial for the outside our ecochanmber and also for us to identify dependable entities that are committed to aiding projects being built on Kusama and hold the energy high.

The absence of dedicated and recognized support organizations may deter new projects from building on Kusama. I believe this is an opportune moment for organizations like ChaosDAO and other determined groups to step in and provide the essential support that new projects require for development on Kusama. The continuity and growth of Kusama’s ecosystem depend on establishing such reliable partnerships with Teams everywhere and the Education of Kusama. Many Projects don’t need Polkadot, but want to have Kusama. But they do not know it is there!

So yes WE know of the benefits of Kusama, but almost nobody outside. So Imo we need this special Agents for Kusama who are doing efforts to explain the narrative for Kusama itself, it’s not enough to rely on that what is given.

And to say that I have around 20KSM, so for me that is not a Token statement. I just feel Kusama is also crucial for the success of the whole Polkadot ecosystem.



You touch on two issues that have nothing to do with the Product (Kusama/Polkadot):

  • The lack of commercial awareness from Parity.

  • The lack of educational engagement with enterprise organizations from W3F.

While other smaller blockchain providers in the market have done this much better than Parity/W3F and with less investment. Unfortunately, it’s not enough to have a good product.


I would like to delegate my tokens for governance to a team or individual that has a good track record of governance as well as a clear long term vision for Kusama.

In other words, it would be good if people involved in governance would express their views on the future of this project in this thread, so among other things, people can leverage these details to make educated delegation choices.