A store for Polkadot with Parachain and dApp

I’m just curious about your thoughts.

What if we create a place for people to explore and learn about the ecosystem more easily?

A website with information about Parachains, DEXs and dApps

I would like to know your thoughts

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ICYMI, Talisman maintains an explore page on our web portal, which is very similar in both function and aesthetics to what you’re describing here!


Jonathan, I think with Talisman’s explore page you’re sitting on a piece of ammo that could solve some necessary problems for the Polkadot ecosystem if iterated on and marketed as an ecosystem page.

I’d be happy to collaborate with Talisman to drive changes to the explore page based on the insights we’ve been thinking around a similar product at YieldBay.

Let me know if you’re interested :handshake:


Been working on something very much along those lines (Latest PR): https://dotappstore-git-feature-app-pages-iammasterbrucewayne.vercel.app/

I think permissionless integrations would be key - because pages like these can be difficult to maintain by curation alone.