A full-chain operating system based on Polkadot

Hello everyone, I am excited to introduce W3OS to you. We have recently launched an initial test demo, and you can experience it at the following link:
Demo Address: https://w3os.net/
Next, I will share in detail the philosophy behind our project, and we warmly welcome feedback and suggestions from the community.

Project Introduction:
W3OS is a full-chain operating system based on Polkadot. As an extension of the Polkadot ecosystem, it provides developers with the ability to access Polkadot and web3.0 more rapidly and at a lower cost. We have implemented the Anchor Pallet (which has also received a grant from the web3 Foundation) to further enhance on-chain domain name systems and storage capabilities.

“Demo Demonstration”:https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1He411r7QJ/


Project Features:
1、Developer-Friendly: For developers, W3OS provides a one-stop access to the entire Web3.0 ecosystem. Developers can easily understand and integrate with Polkadot, and the straightforward API access further simplifies the development process. The immutable on-chain Dapp deployment and a vast user base provide developers with a robust and extensive application foundation.

2、Enhanced User Experience: W3OS offers users the opportunity to experience Web3.0 starting from a free entry point, building a fully decentralized system. The extremely low entry barrier allows users to effortlessly participate in the Polkadot and Web3.0 ecosystem. Through secure and trustworthy Dapp execution, users’ digital experiences become more comprehensive and reliable.

3、Multi-Chain Integration: In the era of multiple blockchains, W3OS not only emphasizes the interconnection of blockchain systems but also highlights the integration of on-chain Dapps across multiple chains. Leveraging the unique features of different chains, W3OS provides users with a more comprehensive, flexible, and secure Web3.0 experience.

4、Physical Security: To address the physical security of the system, W3OS considers deploying some network nodes to space. This step aims to enhance the physical security of the system. In the next phase, W3OS plans to initiate research in this area.

Operation Mechanism of W3OS

The system primarily consists of three components: Anchor Network, W3API, and UI. Both W3API and UI are fully deployed on the Anchor Network, forming a complete-chain Web3.0 operating system.

1、Introduction of Anchor Pallet within the Anchor Network:Based on the Anchor Network, a crucial component, the Anchor Pallet, has been introduced. It serves as an on-chain storage module utilizing a key-value structure. Specializing in optimizing the organization of on-chain resources, the Anchor Pallet possesses robust customization capabilities and can support various protocols. Simultaneously, the Anchor Network itself has the capability to store small amounts of custom data, enabling comprehensive on-chain read and write operations. This makes it an ideal storage solution for crucial data, such as Dapp UI frontends and various configuration files

2、 Functional Implementation Component - W3API:The W3API component achieves secondary encapsulation of the Polkadot chain and on-chain SDK libraries, adopting a unified invocation pattern. This implementation facilitates multi-chain connectivity and operations, enabling developers to seamlessly integrate and apply these functionalities rapidly.

3、The UI component is completely separated and loosely coupled from W3API, supporting independent development for different user groups with distinct versions. Future plans include the release of desktop, mobile, and bash versions.

Key Features of W3OS Core Functionality:

1、Full-Chain Deployment:A notable characteristic of W3OS is its full-chain deployment, where both W3API and various JavaScript SDKs it references are deployed on the chain through the Anchor approach. This mitigates the risk of tampering, ensuring the integrity of the system. Through Anchor Network, users gain access to the entire Web3.0 ecosystem.

2、Access Permission Control:Usage of all functionalities requires explicit user consent, emphasizing access permission control.

3、Anchor Network Capabilities:The Anchor Network possesses complete access capabilities, including both read and write operations, as well as the ability to set the sales status of Anchors.

4、Support for Chain Applications (Capp):W3OS supports Chain Applications (Capp) by providing a streamlined version of W3API specifically for Capp use, achieving sandbox isolation.

5、Versioned NFTs:A notable feature of W3OS is Versioned NFTs. Each W3OS version is represented by a bird species serving as a development codename, accompanied by the release of relevant NFTs. The inaugural version’s codename is “Phoenix.”

Comprehensive Roadmap for W3OS Going Forward

About Us:

  1. Our team is comprised of four members from China, including two seasoned Web3 professionals, a senior internet industry expert, and an energetic student. This combination reflects a diverse and dynamic group.

  2. We participated in the Polkadot Hackathon 2023 Winter in Hong Kong, securing the third position in the Blockchain track, where we built on the Polkadot SDK.

Project Links:
Anchor Pallet and Underlying Protocol Section:

W3API and UI Section:

Deployed Anchor Network Test Node:

  • WebSocket URL: wss://dev2.metanchor.neb

Test Demo:

We look forward to your support and valuable feedback. Thank you!

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