Zeeve Wrench - an open-source Parachain Automation Framework

Zeeve, the world’s leading AppChain Infrastructure as a Service platform, is pleased to announce the launch of a 1-click Sandbox for the automated deployment, monitoring, and management of Parachain devNets on Polkadot or Kusama. It will be followed by a more robust automation framework and toolkit to deploy and manage the production Parachains.

Zeeve Wrench 1-click Sandbox is a seamless, intuitive, and simple platform to launch a production-grade Parachain network on rococo-local. It provides a complete toolkit for setting up a multi-node, managed, and distributed Parachain network with analytics and monitoring capabilities.

  • Launch Parachain in a few clicks
  • Define and generate the Chain-spec on the go
  • Pre-defined parachain node templates
  • Setup security measures, define and deploy
  • Management Console with extensive monitoring capabilities

Launch a Parachain in a few clicks

Zeeve Wrench offers an intuitive web interface to command the launch of the Parachain process with default configurations and options to choose from and an inbuilt chain-spec editor to finalize the genesis configurations.

Zeeve Wrench also allows the users to deploy their dev parachain networks on a rococo-local environment, which in the future will also support mainnet environments on Kusama and Polkadot. The launch wizard provides end-to-end configuration and guided setup steps to help the user create the network of their choice.

Collator and Chain-spec configuration

The automation offers a simplistic wizard-based configuration to set up the chain-spec for the Parachain; users can upload their own chain-spec files and wasm. The configurations like Chain ID, chain type, token symbols, addresses for pre-minted tokens allocation, and more are allowed.

Management Console and Monitoring Dashboard

Zeeve Wrench has a dedicated management console, which displays all the active and defined configurations for the Parachain. This dashboard also shows the genesis chain-spec, the option to download the file, addresses for pre-minted tokens allocation and their token balances, the RPC and collator nodes with System and Blockchain analytics and monitoring, and access logs of each node on demand.

Try the Zeeve Wrench 1-click Sandbox now

Log on to the Zeeve Platform and sign up for the free trial of the 1-click Sandbox. The trial allows you to deploy and manage your Parachain devNet with complete features and a fully managed experience. It is also supported by 24x7 monitoring and technical support for any queries you may have while running your Parachain devNet.

What’s next?

Zeeve Wrench sandbox is just the beginning, we are not going to stop here:

  • We will be going Open-source, can’t believe it! it’s true!
  • Treasury Proposal to craft it for Polkadot and Kusama networks and offer it as a hosted solution to the ecosystem.
  • More Features for Production Networks
    • Multi-cloud support
    • Advanced Management and Monitoring capabilities
    • User Access Management
    • Multiple 3rd party integrations with established tools, protocols, and apps like Block explorers, data indexing, oracles, etc.
    • Integration with open-source Zeeve LARCH - a GUI for Zombienet
  • Coretime Marketplace integrations
  • Other strategic integrations to enhance the features of your Parachain

Feedback and Queries:

Zeeve is committed to addressing the Polkadot ecosystem’s needs. We also welcome any feedback, input, or suggestions to make Zeeve Wrench even more impactful.

Email: ghan@zeeve.io, ravi@zeeve.io

Telegram: @GhanVashishtha and @rchamria

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