XCM Documentation Suggestions

Hello everyone,

Parity’s XCM team is working hard on writing documentation on XCM. As the XCM team, we would like to know from the ecosystem what they want to see covered. The following things are already on the schedule:

  • XCM
  • XCVM
  • MultiLocation
  • MultiAsset
  • Fees and Weight
  • All XCM instructions with examples.
  • The xcm-executor configuration
  • Testing XCM (xcm-simulator vs xcm-emulator vs Zombienet)
  • Common use cases

Please let us know if we missed anything and which common use you would like to see.

Thank you in advance!

  • Keyless derived accounts
  • Remote Execution best practices using the above

How to calculate the fees so UI can display them.

I find most helpful part of documentation is when it is supported by examples that give context for the capabilities and parameters of the technology behind documented.

For example, I’ve been trying to find the right people inside (and outside of parity) to help our developers figure an innovative new model for using XCM related to funding parachains such as Kabocha - a purely on-chain developed and funded project (via Edgeware) with no lead team / legal entity.

Imbue’s parachain has received a c.£250k grant from the treasury, but there is no direct upside for the treasury in this deal, nor voice in the network they are helping bootstrap. XCM can address this.

The high level example:

  • Kabocha requests funding from Kusama treasury and pledges some KAB which is transferred to Statemine treasury account.

  • This KAB is currently illiquid, but grants the Kusama treasury the proportional right to future dividends in the form of fees from Kabocha.

  • The onchain terms within an NFT held in the treasury, and represents a new kind of collateral (with Kusama’s latest NFT upgrade this is now possible).

  • Kusama also now has the ability to leverage its voice in Kabocha governance via XCM, with the Kusama collective being representing as a collective (proxy) on the Kabocha chain.

Strongly agreed with the previous message from Rich about the importance of examples in the documentation.
Also looking into the questions on StackExchange in the last year the number of questions related of XCM has increased and I have notice that it has gone from more theoretical to practical questions.

So I’d like to suggest to have a troubleshooting section with some of the most common errors we can see there, for example: UnknownClaim Error The ClaimAsset, Untrusted Teleport Location