Update the Decoded logo + CoreJAM banners for Q2 Marketing

Hi Polkadot Community.

Please see the below and let us know if there is anyting else we can do to have your support and vote.


Last month, the community approved referendum #597 for the ad campaign on the Brave Browser (58,902 DOTS), but there is no designated point of contact or creative direction for this campaign. With your approval and support, we can use the Brave campaign to amplify the CoreJAM announcement anddrive registrations to the upcoming Deoded conference. This July will be exciting for the community as the Polkadot 2.0 will be releasing CoreJAM, CorePlay and CoreTime, which coincide with the upcoming Decode campaign (July 11-12).


We are proposing an update for the Decoded logo, which you can see the comparison is below,.



Full Spectrum Background colors for the different ad copy, features, and versions that can be rotated and optimized:


Mockups for interactive ad versions to engage users and tie in the CoreJAM release with links to register for DECODE:



The Brave Browser campaign that was recently passed by the community ($570,000 investment) is in the process of launching, but there is no designated point person for Polkadot.

Lastly, since the DECODED Conference is in Brussels, at least 75% of the media should be allocated to the EU and the banners can be translated into any language that may not have been included below: (the ad copy would animate through the copy below each banner)


I would like the community’s approval to be the lead for the Brave Browser ad campaign that the community passed and provide a point of contact for approvals to make sure their work includes the creative and messaging for the Decoded event and CoreJAM, CoreTime, and CorePlay messaging.

I am requesting the budget (below) for additional media outside of the Brave browser that will be focued on the EU markets to drive registrations and build more awareness of the recent CoreJAM announcement.

The cost below is mainly (78%) for media focused in the EU leading up to the DECODED conference. The budget includes the costs to cover other contributors that should continue in those roles - with the hope of establishing continuity internally. Please let me know any questions, concerns, or anything else for your support and vote for this to. be a treasury referendum.



My background

I started one of the original rich media ad tech companies, 20+ years launching major brands across devices — we are privately held and are not owned or controlled by any Big Tech or state. More importantly, we have never collected, stored, tracked, or sold any user data — let alone personally identifable information from any user. We only collect aggregated performance data for ad performance reports and have been audited and in compliance with GDPR and US (California) data collection and privacy requlations. I thrive to innovate and excited to be contributing to the web3 transformation in adtech.

We all know how we felt when we first read or learned about CoreJAM and how big the announcement means, but there is no flare or marketing that you would normally expect behind that announcement… cricket chirps.~ bueller… Advertising does matter, especially when planned and funded properly.

Please express your supportt or at the very least address the Creative direction and point of contact for the Brave ad campaign that was approved last month — that is a lot of money going to waste

Hey @interpolls ,

Decoded, sub0, and other events are led by Decentered Studio, cc @madeline and @joern. They have brand guidelines and everything.

In general, “decentralised branding” is not advised - you’d need the team who holds the strategy (everything from values to customer groups) like Distractive to work with the brand creators to keep everything consistent (otherwise you end up with people voting on a blue logo etc.)


Thank you Natalie and including @madeline and @noahjoeris.

That totally makes sense and you answered a few questions that I had with your reply. I was hoping to address the lack of direction and contact for the Brave Browser ad campaign that is set to launch sometime next week. I know the planning and creative strategy requires time and not fire drills, but I could not stand to see the $500k+ spend going to waste or not fully utilized. The best I could come up with or the lowest hanging fruit that could tie-in CoreJAM messaging was driving registrations to Decoded.

We work closely with creative and media agencies to launch and execute on the backend for production, tag distribution, delivery, validation, optimization and reporting for the advertiser. We have the capability to conduct the poll and tie the results directly tied to deliver the top voted ad creative for a live campaign.

It would be great to be able to coordinate and collaborate with the various teams and stakeholders, as there is so much waste and missed opportunities. I am not sure if there is a group or gathering for marketing related initiatives? Having details on established relationships or processes would be great to include on the Brand Hub.

I hope someone can take lead and do something for the Brave Browser campaign (everyone that voted yea should take some initiative to have a point person in place that can provide direction to the Brave team).

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Excuse me for being blunt, but who actually are you?


Polkadot Decoded campaign is in full swing, all media spend has been requested, approved and planned. We do not see any need to change creatives of a running campaign.
Of course we welcome any additional efforts driving registrations; but although we are having a decentralized marketing in Polkadot this is quite surprising to see.
To my knowledge the Distractive team is responsible for branding. @distractivekatie @NateHam1


We did reach out to the Brave team to try to collaborate on their media campaign, but they indicated that they were all set. That said we’re happy to help support their team as they roll out the campaigns they have planned with guidance on branding, graphics, and to the degree that it’s possible, landing pages. We’re in the process of building out a new website for Polkadot, due in July :crossed_fingers: which will make it much easier for us to create landing pages in support of these things.

I’m not sure I see the need for additional resources on this, but LMK if I’m missing something.

Want to also note that we strongly recommend that teams put FULL CAMPAIGNS into governance, and have pre-arranged graphics, branding, landing pages, etc for those campaigns to the degree that they’re able (we all know some media IOs need to be booked pretty far in advance). That makes it easier for the community to approve or reject who packages rather than onesie twosie deals to cobble together some support. We’ll get there, but this is part of our current learning curve in the decentralized marketing efforts.

Hey Oliver,

Sorry for the delayed response, I did not see your question or comment for some odd reason.

Are you literally just asking my name or did I say or write something offensive or annoying? Your question is from my post to try and leverage the $500k ad spend on Brave Browser, which was approved by the community - but had no point of contact or ad creative to fully utilize that large of an ad spend. I am the founder of one of the original rich-media ad-serving technologies that pioneered online advertising before there were any industry standards and a student of decentralized marketing, trying to contribute my experience and resources with the dotsama community. (and trying not to step on any toes in the process)

Why do you ask?