Treasury Proposal to fund the Genesis DAO project

Hello Polkadot-Community! We submitted a treasury proposal to the Polkadot Council to fund our GenesisDAO project.

GenesisDAO is a Substrate-based blockchain designed to facilitate the creation and management of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs). Leveraging Substrate, our core functionality is built as a first-class citizen of the blockchain protocol, ensuring seamless and efficient DAO management.

We received a $100,000 grant from the W3 Grants Program to develop the core functionality. As a result, we have completed the backend and Substrate development, design, and wireframes, and are now in the final stages of perfecting the frontend flow.

Genesis DAO is already operating on testnet
(Full links below)

The respective code is open source
(Full links below)

We are currently working on a hook point framework that allows to build plug-ins and extensions to customize the core functionality of a substrate based chain. The development has already begun and the specs can be found at the link below.

GenesisDAO is the first use case and the first implementation of Stylograph as Genesis DAO will have a marketplace, an ecosystem and an open source community to build complex DAO tooling on top of the core infrastructure.

Within this treasury proposal we are introducing the first components for this.

They will be loosely coupled, meaning that other ink! protocols can utilize this functionality even outside of DAO contexts (e.g. the vesting wallet can be used for token issuance to investors) and will serve - alongside with friendly documentation - as a starting point for others to explore the potential of Stylograph.

Please read the full specifications of this proposal here.

Tell us what you think about our project, or ask questions if you have any, so we can answer them here, or on: Genesis DAO Ecosystem Integration | Polkassembly

About Us

Deep Ink Ventures is a technical venture builder, with an exclusive focus on blockchain powered start-ups. We are developing startups in the space from the early phase to production. Our team is built up by founders with a proven track record in the space.

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