Tracking discussion for chocolate runtime specs


The Chocolate platform has two parts:

  1. Parts of it that are meant to be used by projects
  2. Parts of it that are meant to be used by people leaving reviews

So far, we at chocolate have a good high-level idea of what those parts are, but they still need to be refined in technical terms.

Topic Goals:

The aim of this discussion is to build a spec for the platform, which involves:

  1. Detail/collect feedback on the process of creating a project.
  2. Detail/collect feedback on the process of creating reviews.
  3. Specify exactly what happens internally at each of the above steps (on-chain and on the web app)

To simplify things:

if I were a user how would i go about creating a project and leaving a review?

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These are my initial thoughts on this:

Hey @islami00 thanks for sharing the specs. Could you also share from a larger perspective (for those who are not familar with Chocolate) what Chocolate is trying to accomplish for the Polkadot ecosystem? How can Parachains/users benefit from your review system?

Hi @joshua.cheong ,

On a high level, chocolate is a reviews platform that aims to make projects more accountable to the community by allowing members of the community to leave reviews on those projects on a 5 point scale.

Projects participating on the platform are also given badges to show their ‘choc score’ on their various platforms. This allows:

  1. people to know at a glance how trustworthy a project is based on others experience with it.
  2. For projects to collect feedback on how the ecosystem as a whole views them.

I have also prepared a brief feature list that talks about the different parts of the platform’s mvp:


To expand on the last reply I posted, I want to create an mvp that allows:

  1. People to create accounts on chocolate
  2. Projects to create their admin account on chocolate.
  3. Projects to create their profile.
  4. The Community to leave reviews on those projects.

Feature List

A checklist of features I think would be needed in each part of the mvp.

1 and 2, account creation

UI form for user profile creation
UI form for admin account creation
Ui account management
Onchain separation of user accounts
Onchain extrinsics for user profile creation
Onchain extrinsics for admin account creation

3, profile creation

UI form to collect information on project profile
Complete UI displaying information on project profile
Extrinsic for project profile creation
Onchain CES system for screening project profiles

The CES stands for content evaluation system and is pretty much a filter for NSFW content or CopyCat profiles/reviews.

Content team for handling flags by CES on-chain
Persistent Ui notifications
Content team dashboard for reviewing CES flags.

4. Community leaving reviews on chocolate

UI form to submit review


A lot of these are pretty straight forward such as the ui forms, and some have already received a lot of very helpful feedback such as the CES, but I’m still unclear on how some of these would work or best practices on implementing them. These are:

Ui account management

I am unsure how to approach the concept of “logging in” and “logging out” with web3 accounts

Content team

I want the CES to be as fast as possible, but I understand that having people look at things is much better than doing it programmatically (without machine learning). ideally, the team would answer yes/no to the flags after reading through. What’s the best way of achieving this onchain without complex voting??

Persistent Ui Notifications

The polkadotjs apps capture events from the chain based on extrinsics sent out, but they disappear across refresh. I’m planning to do something similar but I would need them to persist across refreshes for long-running tasks like the CES, how could that be accomplished?

The ‘Tech Talk’ section is for Tech Talk about Polkadot and topics that relate generally to all parachains, not for tech talk about projects building on Polkadot. You can make a post introducing the Chocolate project in the Profiles - Polkadot Forum section.

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