Threefold - Decentralised cloud

Hi everyone

We are building a distributed cloud computing and storage network using Substrate as our base layer. Currently we are looking to attract utilisation onto our network. The pricing compared to Google and Aws is absurdly low, I hopes this invites new projects to run their apps / blockchains on Threefold.

We also want to attract providers, running a threefold node is quite profitable on the long term.

Our Website:

Some quick statistics about the size of our network:

  • Number of nodes: 2900
  • CPU cores: 71.000
  • SSD capacity: 10 PB
  • Public IPv4: 1120 unqiue Ip’s

Quick Pricing statistics:

  • 2 vcpu / 4 gb ram / 100 gb ssd: 9.3 dollar / month (discount of 60% applies when you have some amount of tokens on your account)
  • Dedicated machine 16 vcpu / 64 gb ram / 1000 gb ssd for only 67 dollar / month (same discount can be applied)

For more information on how you can get started: