System parachains UI

I think that Bridge Hub, Collectives and Asset Hub should be accessible
on and they should have the same UI design level as

I would love that the team who designed get involved in the system parachains UI. And considering that staking should soon be with their parachain, it would be great if they can contribute to the design.

You can set the difference on those 3 screenshots from a mobile. has much better readability. Nevertheless Ross bulat did and is doing an excellent work on the staking dashboard.

I hope this topic will bring some ideas to improve Polkadot UI

I appreciate your intent, but I think you’re thinking about it in the wrong way. The user actually shouldn’t need to know (nor care) which system parachain they are using: the Polkadot system (singular) is spread across many parachains. The user should only care about what they want to do any have a nice way to do it.

With Bridge Hub for example, I don’t see any reason to have a dedicated UI or page for it. Most of the user interaction will actually occur by sending transactions to Asset Hub, which will then handle sending instructions to the Bridge Hub. From the user’s point of view, they want to send assets, so maybe they go to something like, but they shouldn’t have to think, “Right, I want to send assets => Locally? No, somewhere else. => OK then I need to go to the Bridge UI.” The user shouldn’t need to know about the architecture and feature separation among the chains.

For another example, we hopefully have more collectives launching with more complex treasury interactions (e.g. Collective-Based Multi-Asset Multi-Chain Treasuries). If you’re a member of the Ambassador program and want to see/manage its Treasury’s assets, you don’t want to go to Asset Hub UI to see the assets and Collectives UI to vote/propose. You want to go to the Ambassador Program UI and see information from many chains aggregated in a way that makes sense for your journey.

Back to things like Staking UI that you mentioned, we are in the early phases of sketching out how it will look to move staking into a system parachain. Now the websocket connections of largely change to a system parachain node, but the UX stays the same. However the UI is dedicated to staking, not the staking system parachain, as staking might involve transactoins on other parachains (like Asset Hub, to register your DOT for use on the Staking parachain).

So I agree with you: more websites/apps with better UI, but they should be user-story based, not Polkadot system architecture based.