Substrate vs EVM Ecosystem Comparison

I wanted to share a Substrate vs EVM Ecosystem Comparison dashboard I built that puts the substrate-etl dataset we have been compiling for Polkadot + Kusama inside Google BigQuery alongside those of Ethereum and other EVM chains from Google Cloud Web3.

Here it is:

EVM vs Substrate Ecosystem Comparison

Below are some screenshots circa 2023-10-28

EVM / Substrate Ecosystem Comparison

EVM MAUs - Ethereum L1+L2s+Substrate Hybrids and Other L1s

Substrate MAUs - Polkadot

Substrate MAUs - Kusama

My motivations are to:

  • compare EVM + Substrate L1+L2 ecosystems at a coarse “active address” level, look for signs of L1+L2 growth
  • analyze “Hybrid Substrate+EVM Chains” better (earlier we were only analyzing Substrate addresses), which we speculate will be an important area for new parachain growth
  • figure out a ecosystem growth strategy with 10-100x potential in 2024
  • fix any systemic data issues (Telegram: @sourabhniyogi) and identify new questions to answer in 2024.

This analysis is necessarily incomplete but we hope to add new datasets from Base, Polygon, Solana, BSC, Tron, Cosmos, StarkNet etc. as we, Google Cloud + others in the space compile more data.

Ask me anything! Dashboard requests welcome (bounties welcome)! I will take your question as an opportunity to update docs and may respond with another dashboard.