Substrate hacks, weirdness and curiosities

Whilst pondering weird ways to use System Remarks and other unloved Substrate tools for strange ends, I stumbled upon this project for a one million pixel image, controlled by remarks, from the early days of Kusama which was inspired by Million Dollar Homepage (an internet relic):

It was also discovered recently by @alice_und_bob - see the video here.

It’s a lovely little idea, that actually inspired the concept of using OpenGov, System Remarks and treasury funding to develop a Snake style coordination game to help people understand the tools and the talent we have in a manner similar to Twitch Plays Pokemon that had the internet obsessed for a few weeks back in 2014.

Am keen to hear any other weird, odd or plain stupid hacks that have either been tested, or are just idly sitting around - feel free to share your dumb ideas in this thread.

The only rule is they need to work using basic, boring out of the box Substrate.

The simpler the better.

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