Dune Analytics Style Data Service for Polkadot / Kusama

It’d be nice to see something like dune.xyz but for Substrate / Polkadot.

This would be very useful to attract active power-users to the ecosystem and for analysts to follow activity in the network.

https://explorer.subquery.network/ and https://app.subsquid.io/ both have backend services which are queriable with GraphQL, but it’d be nice to have the front-end with shareable dashboards as well.


That’s a great idea!

We are currently in the process of gathering all the data we can for the Polkadot ecosystem and store it in Cloud Storage/BigQuery, in a format that doesn’t require running an archive node.
Our goal is to work with the builders within the ecosystem to define a common dataset and data model that we can share for interactive querying use cases like Dune. It’s also important to make sure that the quality of the data is high and that we explain how that data was gathered and provide those scripts too.

Ultimately, sharing that data will be a first step, adding an interactive query engine on top and make it publicly accessible will be the logical next step. One possible scenario would be to get that data integrated into Dune as well?

I’m open to suggestions which path forward would make the most sense. I do believe that with the scale of the data we can create a public facing analytics application that doesn’t use too many resources, we would need a bit of help with the frontend side of things though :slight_smile:

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@rphmeier completely agree. FWIW my understanding is that Dune Analytics haven’t incorporated Substrate data yet because of the data engineering challenges posed by the variations in pallets across different Substrate chains. As a result they have chosen to prioritise other ecosystems first.

I have often thought a lower hanging fruit before convincing Dune could be https://app.web3go.xyz, which are Polkadot ecosystem native and already have some Substrate data on there (for example Subquery crowdloan data). However, Web3go could benefit from having a more comprehensive data selection on there (we have communicated this).

As @Karim said we are working towards common datasets and data models for substrate analytics. Will keep front-end options in mind as we progress on this.


Parachain TVL - DefiLlama ← interesting :slight_smile:

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