Some Good News in Web3

This is not a post directly related to Polkadot, but I believe it’s an effort that we as a community should consider supporting.

Something happened on Polkadot and none of us noticed.

What was it?

I was conducting research on the active community voters because we (YieldBay) recently published a reimbursement proposal to the treasury.

ProPolkadot was one of them.

I came across this conversation on twitter where someone sent 20k DOT to them by mistake and they promptly returned the sum back to user.

I noticed that I couldn’t find any mention of this across my feed.

It seems like a small gesture, something they “should” do.

But it represents something bigger. It represents the values that the dotsama community stands by.

We take this for granted, but we shouldn’t.

With memecoins and influencer scams happening across web3, it’s acts like these that can restore faith in crypto.

And somehow, we fail to acknowledge such good deeds publicly, when it’s one thing that could create the biggest impact for how people perceive our community.

So, I made this thread as a place to share any and all the good deeds.

Grand acts or small gestures, anything that give you a glimmer of hope in web3 deserves to be celebrated.

My request to you

I encourage you to share any and all good news that you find in web3 here and to share this thread whenever you find someone who could use a bit of “hope restoration” in crypto.


This indeed should be recognised!


I am working on abstract solution for this problem ( wrong address transactions ). Utilising XCM and making sure its a solution which can be utilised by every chain hopefully.