Rococo to be deprecated in October

The Death of Rococo :skull_and_crossbones:
aka Developer testnets and where to find them

Nothing lasts forever, and with the launch of Paseo, it’s time now to say goodbye to Rococo. :wave:

Rococo will be deprecated in phases and the plan is to reduce the amount of validators over the next several months, concluding in closing Rococo to the public after Agile Coretime is launched on Polkadot. Developers then have two testnets to choose from, Westend and Paseo, depending on what they want to test.

During the decommissioning of Rococo, the Parity DevOps team, who have dutifully operated the network for its 3.5 year lifespan, will reduce the number of validators according to the following schedule. The deadline to migrate off Rococo is October of 2024. At the end of June, we will decrease the number of validators to support the number of parachains we have running on the testnet, meaning there should be no outage / downtime for teams leveraging Rococo in June.

At the end of July we will further decrease the number of validators which will begin to impact some parachains if they’ve not yet migrated. Currently we have around 16 chains producing blocks consistently on Rococo, so this gives the current teams approx 1.5 months to migrate to their new testnet of choice.

Moving onto the choice of testnets and how to decide where to test what:

  • Westend is to be used for Polkadot protocol/feature preview testing.
  • Paseo is for testing changes to your chain and for dapps / teams with your chain.

The above will be the typical flow of upgrades to the network. Here you can see Westend will receive all changes first before they are proposed for Kusama. Westend is the best place for teams wanting to test the new developments on Polkadot (think: coretime, async backing, elastic scaling).

Paseo will mirror Polkadot closely in terms of runtime releases, upgrading shortly after the governance proposal is raised to ship the changes to Polkadot. This makes Paseo stable and predictable for 3rd parity integrations or for teams building on top of your chain.

Are you interested in onboarding to Westend? Join the element room

Are you interested in onboarding to Paseo?
:point_right: Head to the github and create an issue for the team to onboard your chain.


FYI we have now scaled down 40 validators on Rococo. The next reduction will be at the end of the month :slight_smile: I’ve contacted all teams still running a Rococo chain that haven’t migrated so we should be on track!