REPA - RElaychain and PArachain production setup

Hi there,

for the past few days, I have been working on GitHub - anagolay/repa: RElaychain and PArachain production setup; now, when I am somewhat satisfied with the result, I would like to hear your opinion.

We all know that launching a solo chain is a piece of cake compared to launching a parachain, mainly due to the number of DevOps steps involved. To run a solo chain, one needs a few validators, and that’s it. To run a parachain, one needs a relay chain, preferably exposed to the public internet and without Alice and friends.

What I wanted was the flexibility of a solo chain but for my parachain. First, I made this gist Use docker to generate spec for the parachain and create the needed files. This script expects OCI has the CMD responding with the binary. You can also use it to generate relaychain specs · GitHub then I realized I needed a way to spin the actual containers for both the relay chain and parachain, so I started testing para chain launch project which doesn’t work in my case since it is not built for production scenarios when the custom keys are required. Also, exposing the unsafe-rpcs to the public just to add the session keys is a serious breach of security, repa CLI does it all on the server, never exposing the unsafe-rpcs.

To make my life easier and the life of many other DevOps i made repa CLI and library. The goal is to have a config file, much like para chain-launch, which is used as a single source of truth for building the specs and docker-compose files.

I await your feedback …

Thanks for reading,