Infrastructure/DevOps Resources

In the past (and present) many questions have been asked about DevOps principles with regard to deploying nodes and networks of all kinds: validators, collators, testnets, mainnets…

I would like to share some resources here people may not know exist and would endeavor to keep this an active document - I will edit this post to add resources as they appear or are suggested to me and I feel they meet the standard that I would expect from DevOps best practices.

general overview guide on deployments, keys, and monitoring: Overview - Substrate Devops Guide

ansible-galaxy roles, which you can install and run with your own ansible setup: GitHub - paritytech/ansible-galaxy: Repo for paritytech ansible collections

testnet-manager, to manage fully managed k8s testnets:

helm charts, a variety of charts we use to deploy nodes and other Polkadot-related resources: GitHub - paritytech/helm-charts: Parity Helm charts collection

If anyone has any questions about any of these resources, has resources to add or share, please comment here. Of course, if there are any specific issues you run into when trying to use any of these I would encourage you to open an issue in the corresponding issue tracker, and PRs are of course welcome! (: