Proposal for official testnet tokens names (Westies, Rockies, Wookies)

On the polkadot wiki testnet token page, it is mentioned that Westend token are called Westies.
However, the other relay-chain testnets: Rococo (parachain testnet) and Wococo (bridge testnet) do not have cute nicknames yet. So I would like to propose the following names for their token :

  • Westend (WDN): Westies
  • Rococo (ROC): Rockies, to be consistent with “Rockmine” the instance of the Statemine parachain on Rococo
  • Wococo (WOOK): Wookies

As this is the plural form, I would like to propose a simple singular form as well (Westie, Rockie, Wookie).

If nobody objects, I will submit a PR to the wiki to add this information to the documentation.