Presentation of myself and the Duniter v2s/Ğecko project

Hi there !

I’m reading this forum for weeks, and think it’s time to say hello :slight_smile:

Bravo for all this work, it’s incredible!

I’m part of Duniter team project (french), working on Duniter v2s migration on Substrate, especially on the mobile user client Ğecko :

We actually use polkawallet_sdk Flutter package to use polkadot.js directly inside a webview.
We plan to get down polkawallet_sdk cause to bad architecture from our point of view.
We’ll probably start a new package name polkadart or something in January.
This will just be a simple Dart interface for polkadot.js, with an headless webview for mobile and desktop.
Much more lightful as polkawallet_sdk
Also plan to use rollup instead of webpack…

Are there any Dart devs here?
See you

edit: you can test the app here:

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We have built the Encointer Wallet with flutter too. Started from polkawallet codebase years ago too, but refactored heavily since then. Maybe you want to have a look:

I think wrapping polkadot.js in a webview is no longterm solution, unless you want to stay super-generic and all updates from polkadot.js immediately.


That’s what I thought at first, telling myself go rust binding right away, it will be much more efficient.

But in fact polkadot.js is so good, complete, up-to-date, and easy to interface with Dart, that I plan to stick with this design for a while longer.

Yes we saw it.

Your application is not end-user oriented, but geek only.

We have a community of 7000 members using Ğ1 every days in France and Spain, that’s why I dev Ğecko.

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Your application is not end-user oriented, but geek only.

Well, I certainly disagree. But you do as you think and you’re welcome to take what you can reuse

Sure, I will inspect your code and tell you :slight_smile:

Thank’s for this job !

You also can take everything you want in Ğecko code.
This is the issues, with lot of planned refacto in p1 label: Development · Boards · clients / Ğecko · GitLab

Ğecko mobile comes out in beta on December 15 :slight_smile: