Polkasafe - Making Multisig usable on Polkadot & Kusama

Multisig’s have long been ignored in the Polkadot ecosystem primarily due to the UX challenges around using the multisig wallet/pallet. Gnosis Safe(Now SafeDao) helps secure $50B+ assets in the EVM ecosystem and the number for Polkadot & Kusama is less than $150mn combined.
While there are some new solutions being built like the multichain-multisig by InvArch team, we believe that Substrate-Multisig pallet(just like Gnosis Safe),will be a default choice for most users in the Polkadot & Kusama ecosystem for a long period of time.

Introducing Polkasafe, a multisig management tool built with UX at its core.

We have solved some core UX issues of using substrate multisig pallet.

  1. A dashboard to give you a summary of your multisig config, assets, asset value, address book, transaction queue and history.

  2. Create Multisig

  • Select the network
  • Add Signatories(We allow json upload too)
  • Enter the threshold
  • Give your multisig a name
    Multisig is created and we add an existential deposit to your multisig wallet(Batched transaction with multisig creation)
  1. Link Existing Multisig
  • Connect your wallet
  • Select the network
  • Polkasafe fetches all existing multisig wallets linked to your account. Choose which multisig you want to link and give it a name,
  • Verify multisig details(Address of signatories, and add names for those addresses)
    Done✅ Your Multisig is linked to Polkasafe.
  1. Proxy - Proxies are really important to substrate multisig, because they open up the option to add or remove signatories. We recognize this and have added multiple product nudges reminding you to add a proxy and making the process really simple.

  2. Add/Remove signatory
    Once you add a proxy, this process is super easy. Go to the settings page and everything’s there.

Adding/Removing a signatory involves 2 steps - Create a new multisig(With the updated config) & link Proxy to the new multisig. Then, remove old-multisig’s control from the proxy wallet.

  1. Notifications
    One of the largest problem in web3 is that most apps are web based and notifications are not easy. Specially with multisig, requiring coordination amongst various signatories, it is a nightmare.
    We built bots for all channels. Solved Notifications!

  2. Send funds & Transaction Notes
    Polkasafe allows you to add a note to any transaction you create so that other signatories know what they are signing.

  3. Queue & History
    Managing transactions and remembering what you signed is difficult. So we have got a great interface for you to see what’s in queue, know what you are signing and who has yet not signed. Once executed, the same is available in history as well.

  4. Address Management
    Saving wallet address of your team/friend to your address book is a basic need and hence is available with Polkasafe as well.

  5. Polkasafe SDK
    Allows you to use everything that the substrate-multisig has to offer, by integrating it easily into your dApp or any other interface. Checkout SDK here and SDK Docs here.

  6. Apps
    Using the Polkasafe SDK, we are encouraging teams to integrate the multisig pallet into their products. Sub.id app became the first one to do the same and going ahead, some really interesting use cases are going to be built with the SDK.

We support test networks(Rococo & Westend), Polkadot, Kusama and Astar.
Users can use Polkadot.js, Subwallet & Talisman for signing in and using Polkasafe.

What next?
What are we building next, to make Polkasafe a more useful tool?

  • Custom transaction builder
  • Batch transactions(Bulk payouts)
  • Transaction categorization(Eventually leading to analytics)
  • Polkassembly app
  • Wallet categorization

We will use this forum thread to keep everyone updated of all new features and future launches.
If someone has any feedback, please feel free to reach out on hello@polkasafe.xyz or share the feedback/bugs on our feedback portal. If you have any feature requests, please drop them in this thread or on our feature request portal.

We encourage the community to use Polkasafe for safe & efficient multisig asset management and builders to build more use cases using the Polkasafe SDK.



Had to remove a lot of screenshots and relevant links because of forum settings/limitations. Happy to help anyone wanting to use the product. Feel free to reach out on TG- @jas_jaski

Look forward to requests and feedbacks here.

Could you please elaborate a little?

Batch transfers are now live.
Users can send different amount of tokens, to different addresses, all in one single multisig transaction.

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We have also added categroies.

  1. Users can now chose to mark segregate transaction into different categories.
  2. Each category is customizable, allowing multisig owners to create different input data forms for each category. Example - Expense Reimbursement category can have Name, Purpose, Invoice(PDF/IMG) as required metadata that is then added to the transaction for other signers to see. This data also helps in recall, audit, tally and analytics as and when required.

This is our effort to significantly improve the Business/Enterprise user experience around using Multisig wallets easily for various use cases.

Users are allowed to create their own categories and customize them from the settings page.

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Polkasafe now supports Statemine & Statemint networks. Considering a lot of liquidity in the ecosystem is and will be managed through these networks, we have enabled support for the same in our app and SDK.

Hey everyone, excited to share the new features that have gone live in the past 15 days -

  1. Custom transactions - Users can enter custom call data to coordinate transactions signing via Polkasafe, with notifications and meta-data & transaction notes.
  2. Multiple-Currency support - Polkassafe now supports 10 different currencies. Making the product more personalized from people around the world.
  3. Linking multisig wallet has been simplified with auto-multisig fetching
  4. Shared Addressbook allows DAOs to maintain a shared & personal database of common business/customer addresses.
  5. Another big app is in development using the Polkasafe SDK and would be going live by 10th August.

Polkasafe now has 2fa login support increasing the security of using Multisig wallets in the ecosystem. Go to the settings page to update and add 2fa.