Polkadot Party France in Nantes 24th May -

We’re organizing a Polkadot party in France in Nantes. The event will take place in a bar between 6pm and 2am.

In addition to a presentation on polkadot, we’ll have representatives from Bifrost, Logion and Astar. We’ll also have ambassadors from Phala Network and Moonbeam.

Our aim is to reach out to local developers and crypto enthusiasts to evengelize as much as possible, and to showcase the advantages of Polkadot and the ecosystem.

Nantes is the first stage in a series of low-cost evenings based on the community and affordable venues.

If this one’s a success (we’d like to see at least 50 people), we’ll be doing them in other French cities.

It’s important to note that all associations, schools, geek-friendly or blockchain-minded venues have been targeted.

For the time being, the main cost will be accommodation and travel expenses.
In the event of success, we plan to launch a tip to reimburse speakers.

You are of course all welcome. Nantes is a large city with an airport and a high-speed train station (you should know that all presentations will be in French).

J’essaierais de venir en principe, mais pas en Bretagne à ce moment la.

Just fyi, there is an academic meeting that’s vaguely related there, but one month later: ACM PODC 2024 – June 17-21, 2024, Nantes, France

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