Polkadot OpenGov - Preparing to Launch: Poster & Infographics

Preparing to launch: Polkadot OpenGov Infographics

Polkadot OpenGov infographics are on their way to being published for those who want to dive deeper, so we wanted to share what we’ve worked on and ask for feedback. We think that the Polkadot community will find these assets helpful and use them for their own content creation, which makes community feedback even more valuable to us!

Background to Polkadot OpenGov

As you know, even the previous governance system was light years ahead of any others. Now, Polkadot can become a true Web3 community on-chain, with its next-generation governance design that aligns well with the Polkadot brand and ethos.

To start with, we have created several infographics to help people understand how OpenGov works. These assets include a more technical version (to appeal to builders, the wider technical community, and analysts), and a more simplified version created for a broader, less tech-savvy audience.

NB: These are educational pieces that intend to communicate how Polkadot OpenGov functions. We are currently preparing the more high-level campaign with material for a wider audience to communicate the value this governance design brings to Web3.


High-level infographics poster

To communicate the benefits of Polkadot OpenGov to a mass audience, we plan to share the ‘light’ versions of the infographic within high-level communication, such as for analyst communication, blogs, presentations, and landing pages. We will also use the infographics to create a video explainer explaining Polkadot’s governance design update proposal by zooming into different sections.

Technical infographics poster

To reach our technical community, we plan to share a detailed version of the infographic through internal channels. We envisage that to include Twitter, Discord, Telegram, Polkadot Forum, the Polkadot Newsletter, and the Wiki — as well as the more technical part of the Polkadot OpenGov landing page (coming soon).

→ Next steps are:

  1. We hope you find the infographics useful for yourself, we are happy to answer questions.
  2. We’d be happy to hear your thoughts and get feedback, both on the details as well as the high level (e.g. do you find this poster-representation useful? do you need the level of detail of the technical explainer if you have the high-level one? - these questions will help us adjust our communication :+1:
  3. We are curious to hear what use cases you are envisioning for OpenGov. Let us know if any of you are even planning on implementing OpenGov for their chains or a collective?
  4. Any quotes we can use for our marketing material → send them our way!

Thanks a lot!! :pray: