DF: dAGI powered Intelligence Tool for OpenGov

Our Mission for Polkadot:
We believe that by fostering a dynamic collaboration, we can drive greater success and innovation for Polkadot.
Our proposed Governance Intelligence Tool will significantly enhance the efficiency, transparency, and trust within the Polkadot ecosystem’s governance processes.

Our Motivation
After extensive discussions with ecosystem leaders and major DOT holders, we spent the last month developing this proposal to address multiple issues within Polkadot governance. The project leaders and advisors, with hands-on experience in Polkadot governance, have identified the needs and problems listed below.

Our product enables experts from various fields to collaborate effectively on the same problem, facilitating the sharing of relevant information and perspectives. This approach enhances creativity and efficiency, helping to uncover innovative solutions that might otherwise remain undiscovered.

The Product - dAGI powered Intelligence Tool for OpenGov:
Our proposed treasury & governance software, powered by advanced AI, is specifically designed for the Polkadot ecosystem. It offers sophisticated tools for analyzing activities and trustworthiness, ensuring higher efficiency and transparency of governance activities and management.

Governance Challenges - Current state of Polkadot OpenGov:

  • OpenGov is seeing a rise in treasury proposals and referendums.
  • Funding requests are made through various channels like the Polkadot treasury, bounties and child bounties, and OpenGov tips.
  • Decentralized governance, managed by multiple and increasing expert bodies, oversees the DOT funding streams.
  • Current governance user interfaces like Polkassembly and Subsquare mainly wrap low-level blockchain APIs.
  • These interfaces are not optimized for new builders or participants, limiting accessibility and usability.

The Problem - core challenges to be addressed:

  • Double-Dipping - Proposers request DOT funds from the treasury, bounties, and tips simultaneously.

  • Double-Spending - Similar proposals might receive funding from both bounties and the treasury, leading to potential overspending of DOTs by not consolidating resources for larger initiatives.

  • Duplication of Work - Different bounty curators might review the same proposals independently without cross-checking or communicating.

  • Low Transparency - Proposers struggle to access bounty details, and the community lacks insight into bounty proposals and curators’ decisions.

  • Scams and Trust Issues - On-chain addresses with an off-chain history of malicious activities can exploit multiple bounties, with no clear indication of proposers’ trustworthiness or fraud.

  • Manual Data Analytics Sourcing- Data on the Polkadot treasury (proposals, bounties, funds, etc.) is currently sourced manually and visualized using Excel or similar tools.

Our Solution - Overview of product components
1) Data Analytics Dashboard:

  • Customizable User Dashboards
  • Proposals Management
  • Bounty Management Hub
  • Funding Streams Analysis
  • Curator Insights
  • Trustworthiness Tracker
  • Transparency Portal
  • Cross-Communication Hub

2) Technical Key Features:

  • Anti Double-Dipping Mechanism
  • AI Analysis
  • Resource Optimization
  • Curator Coordination
  • Enhanced Transparency
  • Scam Prevention
  • Collaborative tooling
  • Gamification
  • User-Friendly Interface

We believe in further expansion of this governance software to Kusama and parachains. On-chain collectives should also benefit from this software.


  1. An AI powered governance software that analyzes on-chain / off-chain activities and trustworthiness.
  2. Ensuring higher efficiency and transparency of governance activities and management within Polkadot.
  3. Professional team with Polkadot expertise and a globally leading software development house.
  4. Prince2 certified project managers.
  5. 5-6 months project timeline, MVP before end of 2024.

About MH-IT:
MH-IT is a consulting company that focuses on cybersecurity and data integrity solutions.
Our Project Team brings together specialists from Polkadot, software development and project management with deep technical knowledge on cutting edge technologies as well as an international mindset.

A more detailed product introduction can be found here

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