Polkadot makes the case that the DOT has shifted away from the security status

The Web3 Foundation, which supports the Polkadot protocol, has gained some traction with its argument that its native DOT token is not a security. However, securities laws, as well as securities and exchange commission guidance on digital assets, stated that DOT had successfully “morphed” and is now software rather than a security.

On this ongoing topic, how it impacts the DOT price is something to be noted. Will there be an improvement?

According to Coinpedia’s dot price prediction, several post-launch upgrades to Polkadot have been in the works, including the release of XCM, Polkadot’s cross-consensus communication standard, upgrades to XCMP, and the launch of para threads. So DOT has successfully “morphed” and is now software rather than a security, which is something to keep in mind when looking for polkadot and its native token’s progress in the coming days.

Definitely interesting questions to be asked on this topic. FWIW here’s a solid overview of the implications owas done by @Shawn.

My opinion: I think it reinforces the end-user notion that holding DOT is for engaging in Polkadot native software services and participation opportunities to strengthen the community and network, and inherently creates a separation from everything that is that, to everything that is defi. I shouldn’t use DOT to pay back a friend on a split bill. I should use some parachain stablecoin, or USDT etc.

From this perspective, DOT price may very well be subject to how some of Polkadot’s core products are used (i.e. XCM, relay chain / system chain governance, staking etc.).

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