Polkadot <> Kusama Bridge

Hi all,

Dropping an update on what we’ve been busy with:

  • We’re implementing fishermen for both bridges to watch for equivocations and enforce slashing
    • P<>K GRANDPA fishermen are merged pending audit verification (2338, 2348, 2367, 2507, 2555)
    • P<>ETH BEEFY new equivocation API + (basic) fishermen implementation PR is up and pending review (1329)
  • Started efforts into moving our bridge overnight tests setup from Rialto<>Millau to Rococo<>Wococo, first critical step:
    • Add asset-hub-rococo dedicated runtime based on asset-hub-kusama and add asset-bridging support to it (under review) (1215)

P<>K bridge & asset transfer

  • Finished asset transfer using pallet-xcm (2762)
  • Implemented dynamic fees using back pressure and congestion messages (2294)
  • Integrated dynamic fees into cumulus PRs (2997, 3001)
  • Integrated all the above in consolidated polkadot-sdk PR (1352) - we are now code-complete and undergoing new round of audit
  • Enhancing pallet-xcm with full support of reserve-based asset transfers (in progress) (1430)


  • BEEFY audit is complete with no security issues
  • Merged support for BEEFY on Kusama & Westend (7591)
  • Awaiting new node release and new Kusama runtime release
    • then will coordinate with validators to register their BEEFY keys
    • then will submit governance motion to enable/start BEEFY consensus on Kusama