Polkadot.JS API UI enhancements

At LimeChain, we’re happy to present our proposal for reshaping the Polkadot.js API experience with the introduction of additional features. Recognising the fundamental role of developer tools in driving blockchain protocol adoption, we aim to simplify developers’ workflows and elevate their experience with the protocol through our proposed enriched UI for Polkadot.js API. While acknowledging the current application’s usefulness, we see opportunities for enhancing both its UX and functionality to better serve a diverse range of users, including Hosts, Runtimes, Dapp, and Parachain developers.

Our goal is to craft an application that becomes a staple daily tool for developers, offering intuitive navigation and advanced capabilities.

Key Features include:

  • Seamless Exploration of the Polkadot Ecosystem: The application will serve as the primary platform for developers to explore on-chain information across the entire Polkadot ecosystem, including blocks, chain state, referenda, XCM transactions, and more. With intuitive navigation and comprehensive data visualisation tools, developers can gain insights into the network’s dynamics and make informed decisions for their projects.
  • Integrated IDE for Rapid Prototyping: In addition to the smooth exploration, we will introduce an integrated development environment (IDE) within the application, allowing users to create quick proof of concepts directly within their browser tabs. Through this IDE, users can leverage pre-loaded dependencies tailored to their requirements, facilitating rapid prototyping. Additionally, this IDE will support a real-time interaction with the Polkadot.js API enabling developers to enjoy a complete Polkadot experience.

The application will be designed to evolve alongside the Polkadot ecosystem. The codebase will be open source under the Apache 2.0 license and contributed as repositories to the Polkadot-js GitHub organization (@polkadot{.js} · GitHub).

You can see further details in the discussion post here: Polkadot.JS API UI enhancements | Polkassembly

Reach out to us. We’d be happy to chat and collaborate to make the Polkadot ecosystem even better together.

Company Background:

LimeChain is a software development company founded in 2017. We are positioned to handle end-to-end product development, and we have the capability to manage projects from conceptualisation and design to the complete implementation of a certain product. We specialise in blockchain technology, with emphasis in developing blockchain-related and infrastructure solutions.

In the context of the Polkadot ecosystem, we possess considerable expertise in developing various tools, including Gosemble, a framework for building Substrate compatible Runtimes in Go 1, Fruzhin, a Host implementation in Java 1, a framework for runtimes in AssemblyScript, a framework for runtimes in AssemblyScript. On top of that, we have implemented a Parachain Validation Conformance Testing suite. 1

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