Polkadot Hubs - Physical Spaces in Polkadot: Playbook

We are excited to announce the launch of the Polkadot Hubs Playbook, a comprehensive guide on establishing physical spaces within the Polkadot ecosystem that embody our core values of decentralisation, collaboration, and innovation.

Why Polkadot Hubs?

In an age where digital interactions dominate, the need for authentic, face-to-face connections remains an integral part of Community interaction. The Polkadot Hubs concept was born from this need, aiming to create welcoming, community-centric spaces around the globe. We wrote about this project before, refresh your memory here!

What’s in the Playbook?

The Polkadot Hubs Playbook serves as a blueprint for creating these physical spaces, providing practical advice, guidelines, and resources. It aims to help the community in establishing Hubs that resonate with Polkadot’s ethos while also being adaptable to local needs and circumstances. Take note, this is a living website that is going to be gradually updated as we gather more information “from the field”.

Introducing the Polkadot Hubs Collective

As part of our journey in developing the Polkadot Hubs Playbook, we would like to highlight the Polkadot Hubs Collective - a dedicated group within the Polkadot ecosystem leading this initiative. This Collective is composed of active contributors to the Polkadot community, including ecosystem team’s members and Polkadot ambassadors.

Current responsibilities of Collective members include driving new initiatives, actively participating in discussions and meetings, and contributing to the development of the Polkadot Hubs Playbook. In the future, we aim the Collective to oversee the development and maintenance of physical Polkadot Hubs globally.

Did we catch your attention?

We invite you to explore the Playbook, share your thoughts, and join us in this exciting journey towards establishing Polkadot Hubs. There is a lot of expertise in business development, community management, technology and marketing in our ecosystem – let’s utilise it to elevate the impact of Polkadot Hubs! The ones interested in joining the Collective, please fill out this form.

Updates from the Polkadot Hubs world

In November, the community supported a proposal for the Bali initiative (see referenda here) by Collective members Six and Gabo. They’re already preparing a new Pop-Up Hub on Dec 2 that will happen in Budapest, Hungary (read more about it here). Additionally, we have many more exciting projects lined up for 2024!

Check the Playbook here!


Super exciting!

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This is super interesting! We are in the middle of setting up a Polkadot Hub in HK. Happy to exchange ideas and feedback with other global Polkadot Hubs. Also, anyone based in HK and interested in getting involved, please reach out to me.


Hey, that is great! I will be in HK on PBA the whole January, lets talk!

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Hey all - Polkadot Hubs initiative continues!

We recently submitted a discussion post on Polkassembly to further develop the bounty dedicated to creating physical spaces within the Polkadot ecosystem. You can read more about this initiative here.

In addition, we successfully submitted Proposal 844 for a Pop-Up Hub at Polkadot Decoded in Brussels. This hub will be available to all Polkadot enthusiasts on July 11th and 12th. If you need a convenient workspace close to the main venue during Decoded, you can book your spot here.

We also invite everyone passionate about face-to-face interactions in the Polkadot ecosystem to join us in further developing the concept of Polkadot Hubs at our workshop on Friday, July 12th, starting at 2 PM. This is a fantastic opportunity to collaborate, share ideas, and shape the future of Polkadot Hubs together. Here’s a sneak peek at our preliminary agenda:

  • Welcome & introduction (5mins)
  • Overview of Polkadot hubs (15mins)
  • Interactive Q&A session (20mins)
    • Polkadot Hub Budapest: bottom up approach example
    • Polkadot Hub Paris: planning a bigger hub
  • Breakout sessions (30mins)
    • Governance and curator roles
    • Funding model and financial sustainability
    • Hubs functionality and community engagement
    • Key locations
    • KPIs and reporting
  • Consolidation and next steps (25min)

Looking forward to see you there!

We are getting started here already.

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