Polkadot Generic Ledger App

Hey, given how crates.io work, we can sadly not do it for this old release. We had released the crates for the 1.7 release, which included the first initial release of the metadata crate. Maybe for the time being, you could use a patch that points to the git branch?

where does this guide exist for the parachain to integrate to their runtimes? also when does this polkadot ledger app launch? early july?

Here is the guide.

More info about the release process here: New Polkadot Ledger App

July 1st.

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Follow more updates, guides to know how to upgrade if you’re a parachain here New Polkadot Ledger App

The app has been released. :partying_face:

We currently don’t have support for any offline signers. This is due to the common issue with offline wallets incapable of fetching the metadata directly from any node of the chain they are connected to. We can sign any transaction type using the general ledger app.

I notice here that almost no Parachains have implemented the new app yet. Is it a complex & time-consuming process or is there some other hold up?

I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time, and I know the userbase is desperate for relief from the Ledger headaches of the past.

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